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So i have been a bit busy lately so i haven't gotten to post an update but here i am
As i posted in my last update my hood was rusting and my bumper started to crystallize so i checked a junkyard and got a hood and a bumper and installed

And the finished product

Dingle even got featured on a honda instagram page! shoutout to @honda_community_jdm

So after all of that i went to a fast food place to get some food for me and my boys ran into a guy with a kswap 5 lug converted Eg and damn she is a beauty, Dingle looks worthless beside this beauty

OOps gotta go, Vtec definitely kicked in today! :))

Well thanks for stopping by guys

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# Nightrunner : Wow dude , your Evo looks amazing , great job m8!
Thanks bro,stay tuned