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Times changed my man times changed.. I can't even compare this year with the last time, our cars are top notch, our skills as good as our cars and most importantly the good people around us! 2017' was way different because as you remember I was drifting 328i E46 which was nowhere near as fast or good as my R', and your chaser was nowhere near it is current form! It is a shame that your turbo got blown, but thankfully everything was under control and we sorted things out afterwards. Thanks for great ride alongs once again man, every minute was worth it, I hope to see you here again during the winter break sometime, snow + ebisu and cheap ass shit cars, if you down, I am down and I will organize some things haha. Once again, thanks to everyone and to Korean connection, we killed it this time! ♥

About that bbq.. Well, when you spend a lot of time in garage with two or three grown ass man-childs which can't cook for shit, Mac papa needs to do something and take care of them haha, obviously jokes on them, but this is how things is sometimes haha, but Radcoon and Erwin can confirm that my cooking skills were shitty af when I first started doing bbq days half a year ago lol, so another improvement! Next time, we eating even more ramen at your place guys! :thumbsup: