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No more monster truck :troll:

Wassup peeps,As you guys know i put some XXRs on my Evo 6,so lastnight i got some scale innovative coilovers and had them installed and boiiiii they are littttt shes now sitting pretty for real

I got a no name bucket seat from a friend as an early Christmas gift and it looks pretty sick yo

I was trying out some clear taillights but i dont think they will work :))

Just one more shot @};- :drool2:

Oh and did i mention,dingle got her first oil change :doge:

I guess thats it for today,a small update on dingle i discovered that the hood started to rust and the front bumper started to crystallize so i will check a scrap yard and try to find those parts

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# Nightrunner : Henlo Dingle ! Looks really good ngl , great purchase !
Trust me it does

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# Smurf : Always potential in an EG6.
Oh yess and trust me there are big plans for this car

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# BigSmoke : Oh my, a relatively fresh EG6 for a cheap price! That's a lucky deal! :O
Good luck building it ;)

Also please tell me you're going to finish the Evo :))
Yeah thannks bro,i am definitely gonna finish the evo

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# Soju : Looking so good!
Thank you bro