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Lawnmower?? :RICE:

So my gt86 just wasn't working for me anymore so CamberGang's CEO purchased it for 20,000V$,i kinda miss it but i have something to take my kind of it. Today i introduce you to Dingle :)) ,Dingle is a 1995 Honda Civic (EG) with a D16Z6 Vtec,surprisingly it has only 50,000 miles,i bought it from an old Mexican couple on the other side of town,it drives like a CHARM unlike all my other builds im actually gonna finish this build,im not sure of my plans yet i was googling some 5 lug conversions Dominik(nightrunner) has his DC5 running gear i might do a dc5 running gear conversion before the year end and maybe in January or so i might do swap for sure,but for now im gonna do minor stuff such as rims and coilovers etc, oh and the price,i got this vehicle for 3000V$ not too bad huh,well enough for today,heres dingle