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Maximum Suck!

So i'm starting to really dig this thing. I forgot how much i wanted an S13 when i was younger and i'm starting to realize what i missed.

As i said before, for some reason i wasn't really digging the stock style Kouki tails so i had to change them up a bit. The middle light is a "Carbon" Ebay special mixed with "White Out" Kouki-style outer lights. Luckily i didn't need a new garnish since i already had the Kouki garnish.

Also in the new shoe box is a replacement for the knock-off Nardi and a Vertex shift knob. I was able to score this Super Soft wheel off a friend for fairly cheap since none of us know the brand.

I think i might have to do something about the Dookie-brown interior. It just doesn't go with my Super Soft wheel.