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# RocketBunnyS13 : Hmmmm Zenki/Chuki Tails conversion from Kouki Tails? Intriguing. Don't sell them though, I'm pretty sure you know how expensive Kouki shit is these days. And RPF1s on an S13? Classic. <3 Maybe get a decent kit, go lower, and tuck those wheelios +++
I won't be going back to Chuki tails but they are getting a change up very soon. I'm considering a Type X kit with some kind of over fenders but i won't be tucking.

# Nightrunner : Oh my god, it looks so good . But as AJ have said , don’t sell the Kouki taillights , Kouki parts are getting really expensive !
They aren't OEM. But I'll probably keep them, just in case i want to go back.