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# PXRZ : Dunno how easy this is to achieve but you can always apply ceramics to the internals for better performance and reliability.

Also I almost forgot to mention one thing, you should really do something about the angle of the exhaust header or bend the lower part of the frame down to get more space because burning your leg onto that heat pipe would be nasty in case of an accident.
Thank you! Yeah, in monday i was involved in an accident with this thing, i was driving in a dirt street and when i was turning to the right, the wheel slided and i ended with a wounded knee for hitting the dirt and rocks, so yeah, also the exhaust , i will swap it soon for a "Escape Vejiga" (search it in google as Bicimoto con escape vejiga) , i will make that for better sound and avoiding burn my keg, and also my muffler is always falling apart, so yeah, first thing to do is swap the exhaust

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# Bigg Boss93 : Lol that thing is insane cool! :D

Thank you bb! When this thing doesn't broke (bc in my town i can't find parts, that's why the repair took me 3 or 4 months) or i'm not involved in an accident bc the people in my town drive like SHIT , driving this thing is very funny!

Funfact, in monday when i finished the repair i drove it and at 10 blocks away the exhaust gasket passed away, and was making a horrible noise, like a diesel with straight pipe and fartcan, so i went to my home and tooked it out, so i'm driving without the exhaust gasket, but chill, is temporary lmao

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