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# RocketBunnyS13 : GT-R specs on a 25GT-T is so rad! Fitment is solid af

I thought your JZA80 had reached peak Y A P after the Ridox Kit and JZ Tune. It turns out I was wrong. Because Do-Luck x Top Secret looks even more Y A P !

Project Mu is da bomb btw <3
yes ! gonna go full 90's aero look and the Project Mu brakes feel great too.
# MACKAY : Ahh man, the GTT looks better and better everyday, what took me weeks or months is taking you days, you dude never enjoy car in its stock form haha. Also those pics really reminded me how my GTR' looked like half a year ago, I even have pic from the same spot when sakuras was blossoming.

Even tho I always preferred Ridox, such mix will be looking hot will all the right pieces too, can't wait. :thumbsup:
Haha with so much past experience with these cars I don't like to stay stock for very long. I rarely ever buy full stock cars, usually I buy cars with some ground work done because I'm lazy as shit :P The last full stock car I bought was my Nismo Z. But thank you! I love Ridox myself too, and I might go back to running Ridox aero but I want to take the car in another direction so we will see.
Thanks AJ (RocketBunnyS13) for the hookup! OG TE37's in 18x10 +11. 18,000yen for these bad boys. Fronts rub kind of a lot right now but I will get adjustable control arms to dial in some camber for the front and rear but golly me!

Also the new owner of my Altezza swung by today and guess who really wants their old car back again :)))))

Also Benny came by and picked up my FR-S for paint!

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