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Nishi photobomb #1

Last weekend we finally arrived at Ebisu nishi late night,
prepared various stuffs till 7am morning.
The JZX was already ready to roll out after months of resting.

While Soju went to park his Supra at parking lot then lend a Dori missile,
Mr.Lee and I stepped into each cars to take a sesh.

Maybe some of you guys had heard of Mr.Lee from our(especially Soju's) previous thread, there he is!
This guys was building that red(Rad) S15 since last year by his own,
slam it hard by his liking, and drive it all the way to Japan with Soju with no fucks given... he is as crazy as I do!
But I dont know what's under his hood since he hasn't told me everything.
He only told that heavily-built Naprec head sits inside so umm, lets see how's gonna run later.

Mr.Lee was already ready!
I started to chase his back after some laps of warm-ups.

We initiated into deep first corner as we warmed up our engines and tyres. Mr.Lee's on E-brake in this pic.
Since I dont drift that often during a year it was a bit picky to chase a relatively lightweight S-chassis,
with a big-ass slammed 500hp 4dr sedan. I think im doing it well nonetheless. haha!

Two men floor on throttle as both of them exit first apex, bashing the limiter hard.
Straight-piped harmonies echo through morning of Nishi.

This is the best moment for both of us, two cars doing what they deserve to!
The red S15 runs rad aswell, Naprec-ed SR seemed very responsive in terms of everything.

After taking a quick lap we were cooling our cars at pit grid, y'know... cooling is important.
I took this pic with my Galaxy S9 waiting more of my guys to come.

Then I walked into my E36 to bring extra drift spares for next lap and...

It's all fun and games until two gangsters appear.

(E46 was stranger's car)

More footages to come next week :)

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