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# Soju : Mmmm that livery looks so great!
:iagree: !!!!! That's as D1GP-ish as it can get man. Great wheel and bodykit choice too! Now, if you built such a sick drift car you better drive it that way as well ;)

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# ramalhinho07 :

Am I still alive? Going D1SL?

Long time no see huh?

Yeah, i've been out of the country for a while visiting my family and friends back in Portugal, but now i'm back to Japan and more inspired than i've ever been!

So where did we left off last time?

Now that we're all caught up, here goes...
My 180sx has been put back together by me and a few friends, all the aero bits are now on, including the comeback of my old d-max type 3 spoiler, that i decided to go with instead of a bigger wing.

But the best part is... The new motherfucking livery!!!

This time around i decided to go all out D1GP style, and with the help of PS TAKA the dream came true, this is the best stage of this car ever to my opinion now being more track oriented, a bit of the "meihan spec" style. I wanna focus more on working on my drifting skill and go balls out with the car so it's gonna be dialed in suspension wise in order to break less shit, even though the low drift style is gonna live forever in my heart i wanna be able to enjoy this car at it's best:

Here's a couple shots of the progress:

(This livery was the toughest shit to apply, never had to deal with so much detail, ever!)

And the final result:

I'm still waiting on some interior parts to finish it up and still need an alignment but this is the rough look it's gonna have for this season, i have to thank a lot to Vstanced garage for keeping my shit there for such a long time, they really pulled up for me when i needed the most, it's almost ready to hit the track and the hype is r.e.a.l ! ! !

As for my other cars everything has pretty much stayed the same... Well i borrowed some wheels to run on my S2000... Temporarily? Definitive? Who knows... They're just there because i slammed the shit out of one of my CST's into a curbed and it's being rebuilt... So i kindly "stole" these wheels from my friend Marcus (hope he doesn't mind :)) )

Here's a shot i took of it:

I'm kinda down to keep them if he doesn't have plans for them, and the Cerbs I with the Cerbs II mix is hella nice tbh

But for now that's all, i'll have more news on my cars soon... I still have that spec-r s15 don't you worry i got plans for that as well haha

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