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And that S15 is N U T T Y! pls match the wheels soon tho

Osaka trip has been amazing man. idk ive probably said that 10times now
but yeah, loving japan!

THANKS <3 YAP running a whole set soon, just need tires

INDEED. Japan is the best, and the Osaka Trip has made my stay in Japan even better

# Macaron_Moon : Mate you're gonna need R34 stockies on all four corners on that S15 tho. Otherwise, its sick.

Also Muza you still have a S13 to do lmao

Getting em mounted on with tires pretty soon!

# Nightrunner :

God damn , i´m so jealous :ccc . Seems like you guy had a lot of fun in Osaka !

Anyways , the S14 and especially my old S15 looks fucking nuts . You´ve done literally everything that i´ve wanted to do to her ,
i´m so happy that she is in the right hands now ! ( also put the R34 stockies on the front too , pls k thanks bye)

Yeah! It's sad you didn't go :( , maybe next time!

Yeah your S15 has been super fun to work on, I love driving it too. Get another S15!! (Yes lolol full R34 wheels coming very soon)

# Soju : The S14 looks perfect :D

THANKS! I want it to look as nice as your old S14 <3

# marcus915 : im a big fan of your daily, looks like an actual functional daily unlike any of the cars i call 'daily' LMAO

not to mention your other cars are on fuckin point

Coming from you, that's a HUGE compliment. And hey your dailies are literally one of the hottest out there so no complaints

Thank you! I hope to get them looking as sick as yours haha

# MACKAY : That time we spent together was probably one of the best weeks I had this year, thanks once again for coming my dudes! ♥

Damn, you and your photography skills really makes my M4 look beautiful as fuck, not to mention your masterpiece CRX and Macaron's EVO, basically three different generations of cars. Also I couldn't be happier to be involved with such builds, your cars and etc. Both Silvia's coming along so nicely, my man have amazing taste in mods he does. :thumbsup:

Indeed it was! I still kind of have an Osaka Trip hangover and I wanna go back haha. But damn, that was EXTREMELY satisfying, physically, emotionally, my goodness.

Thanks for the hookup on the muffler! The quality is top notch I and wouldn't have had it any other way haha

Added 34 minutes later:


Remember when I said C-REX was getting a makeover? Yup!

I brought these home from Osaka, thanks Yuri from the Osaka Honda Community! Bagged these babies for a reasonable 150,000 yen (V$1,500), mint af! And if you haven't already noticed, I took the livery off. Keeping the vibe simple for now, at least until I garner enough ideas for my next livery.

NOW, onto the S15!

Long story short, I straight traded my 17 inch TE37s for Muzahid's 18 inch Weds Kranze Cerberus IIs. Put them on the car ASAP and I say they do clash pretty nicely. I specifically bought these wheels as showcase wheels/spares. So expect to see them on occasions aside from dailying, such as Ebisu tandems, or car meets. I'll be juggling between them and the R34 stockies from time-to-time.

Yeah so anyways, I brought the car to VStanced Garage for the sticker tune. Gave them the stickers and they did the rest.

Before pics:

While waiting I walked over to a nearby The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a Southern Blend Iced Tea. Good beverage!! About an hour later, I returned and picked the car up. I WAS SO EXCITED, that I forgot to take pictures at VS Garage. But, don't fret! Paid them the reasonable 7,500 yen (V$75) for labor and materials then drove straight to WestKyo, and mounted the full set of R34 wheels I had, now with some fresh new rubber, none other than some Advan Neova A048s that I bought at Super Autobacs for 120,000 yen (V$1200)! At this point I was contemplating whether to put the caps on or not.

Caps on:

Caps off:

With some serious thonking done, I went with the latter setup, capless ftw! After which I drove to Shibuya, and that's where I stopped and took some pictures.

Then my last stop for that day was my favorite parking lot for pictures, the lighting at night thanks to those light poles is absolutely ASTONISHING.

Let me know what you guys think of the latest Project Strawberry iteration! I'm digging it so far. Also drop those S14 color suggestions down below!

V$68,969.52 - V$1,500 - V$1,200 - V$75 = V$66,194.52

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