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My shitty motorized bicycle...

As I had a problem with my computer making it impossible to update my rp, and I was bored, I decided to show you my scrap, but before i will introduce my self...
Even though my nick in Vstanced is Franklin, my real name is Juan, I live in Magdalena, Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am 15 years old, and 2 years ago I almost owned this piece of shit that I love so much

This is a motorized bicycle/mosquito/bicimoto.

Is a bicycle with a 48cc 2t engine kit, 50kmh max new, now idk how much...

Only mod that this scrap got is a short throttle and the muffler internal tube is cutted for modifying the sound a little, now sounds almost original but when letting off the throttle after acceleating make some little pops (Here i let you a sound test video , but in my instagram @bentosjuancito i have more quality pics and some videos, check in my profile and my "bicimoto project" stories)

but i want to swap the carburator for a one from a Zanella, a new exhaust and modifying the head cylinder.

It cost me 2300 argentinian pesos, very cheap but i need to fix almost everything, the steering broke the next day, the throttle broke at 2 weeks, also the clutch, i swapped the rear wheel 3 times, etc etc

This is a money pit, but i love it, the smell of the 2t mix being burned, the sound, the sensations, is a very funny and beautyful experience.

About 3 or 4 months ago the rear wheel broke, also the throttle and clutch , and about 3 day ago i fixed all, and driving it after 3 months was beautyful! Driving it in the oval in my city was just glorious

My plan is make a Cafe Racer Build/tracker buid, retro light, new paint, double christ front, etc

Something like this...

Now if this doesn't broke i will start with some mods when i earn some money...

If i make some progress i will upload it here, hopefully you will enjoy it...

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