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Thanks man

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Henlo I'm still not ded

Ayyyy I've been super busy these past couple weeks but amongst all of the stuff I had (and still have) to take care of at the Law Firm (OORP: Studies) and Accounting Firm (OORP: IRL Car Stuff), I managed to squeeze out this post in order to keep you guys posted on the latest progress of my cars. And oh yeah, our unforgettable Osaka Trip!

Go and check out Erwin's (ErwinFenyvesi23's) RP and check out our spectacular vacation at Osaka, special guests include Macaron_moon, Niatross, Lagano, and Franklin! Go and hop on there what are you waiting forrrrrr

Alrighty! So I've been tasked to cover part of the journey to our previously mentioned Osaka Trip, and that was the MickeyD's run.

MACKAY, his wife (MACKAY's a lucky man goddamn), Erwin and Muzahid (Niatross) all rode inside MACKAY's retro F82 M4 for this McDonald's Drive. This thing caught me by surprise, it definitely turns heads!

And of course next is the CZ4A Evo X that you guys all know and love, driven by non other than Marc (Macaron_moon)!

Lastly, is my C-REX, I missed driving this car. Sometimes I feel like selling it, but one trip down with VTEC in full swing always makes me change my mind, and this is no exception.

NOTHING BUT GOOD TIMES WITH THESE BOYS! The standard fast food will turn into gourmet cuisine when you're with these guys, that's how much fun you will have haha. We talked about all sorts of stuff, from how fun Japan is right now, to Icon Motorsports x Kami-Sama Speed Factory, building Muzahid's GA70 inside MACKAY's Garage (Check out Niatross' RP for more deets), fabbing an exhaust for my S14, and even a planned BBQ organized by Marc and Erwin (Be sure to keep your eyes on Macaron_moon's RP for the coverage)


Running shots for you guys, it's pretty shocking how almost equally matched these cars are in terms of acceleration

Imagine cruising down the expressway with an F82 M4, a CZ4A Evo X, and an EF8 CR-X! It was EXTREMELY exhilarating.

This is the last picture I took, when we were cooling our cars (and ourselves) down by the expressway shoulder.

It was a pretty fun trip!! We enjoyed every bit of it, and are definitely down for more. OH btw, I was able to meet up with the Osaka Honda Community during my stay, but sadly I wasn't able to take pictures due to my phone battery dying at the wrong time. BUT, I CAN REVEAL that C-REX will be having ANOTHER makeover soon!

Now, onto my projects!

S14 レベルアップ!

This past week has been good! I dropped the car off at VStanced Garage (Mie Branch) to get some bodywork done. I'm quite impressed at the quality of work they were able to deliver!

All stripped down here

The bumper core support had to be straightened, thankfully the body guys at VStanced Garage were very skilled with their hands.

The back, however, is where a lot of the work has been done

The boys have done their magic yet again, the panel is as straight as my gender!

After being satisfied by their work, I had them fit the parts I ordered about a month ago when I brought the S14 home. A pair of Vertex Kouki S14 Vented Fenders at 49,000 yen (V$490/pair) from the Vertex HQ, a used OEM Zenki S14 Rear Bumper which was snagged for 19,000 yen on Yahoo! Japan Auctions (V$190). The total labor cost of the work done on the S14 came out to 45,000 yen (V$450), including all installation and materials, even though yes the parts aren't painted yet, but the rear quarter panel area has been primed and is ready for paint.

Here are the parts laid out before installation

OH YEAH almost forgot to mention. During the Osaka Trip, I was talking to MACKAY in his garage about ordering those ISR Performance Twin Blast Pipes from EnjukuRacing, and he immediately interrupted me. He was like "Pffft, why pay for shipping and shit, let's fab one up right here!"

And that he did. Amazing quality, and it only set me back 9,000 yen (V$90)!!

Have some pictures with everything installed on the car

Where do I go from here you ask? I literally have no idea HAHAHAHAHA. I am EXTREMELY open to color suggestions so just drop them down below! Also if you haven't already noticed, I am now running a full set of Fortecs Squrossas from Koro-san. Took the 57Cs off and put them onnnnnnnnn.....


プロジェクトイチゴ! S15

Project Strawberry yo! Now in her latest flavor, OEM S15 Color Super Red (AJ4)! The CF hood has been repainted as well, looks cleaner overall! Over the past few weeks leading up to the respray I was able to collect some goodies for it, including a one-off 8,000 yen (V$80) front lip from Y!JA, and some OEM S15 Spec R Aero Rear Skirts for 19,000 yen (V$190) on UP Garage. Total cost of labor and paint at Benny's? A mere 65,000 yen (V$650), all worth it considering the fit and finish!

On the pespective of shoes, I threw in the R34 stockies with some bald econo tires on the rear that I got with the S14, and I am now running the 17 inch 57Cs that were previously in the S14, in front. I'll be getting some new tires outfitted to the R34 stockies over the weekend. They DID come with caps and I do plan on putting them on, but idk I think the capless look is growing on me, we'll see how it all pans out. Aaaaand I slammed the FUCK out of those Tein FlexZ Coilovers.

The rears are tucking H A R D

That's all for now! Apart from the rest of the R34 wheels being installed, I've also set up an appointment with VStanced Garage to sticker tune my car and windows, I'm already compiling the slaps and stickers as we speak haha. Stay tuned!

Form follows Function ま扱園

V$55,829.52 + V$15,500 (Accounting and Law Services Payment Received, Closed 2 Cases, Consultation Given, all over a period of 2 weeks) + V$1,880 (2x Paycheck at V$940/week) - V$490 - V$190 - V$450 - V$90 - V$80 - V$190 - V$650 - V$2,100 (Random Osaka Trip Expenses) = V$68,969.52

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