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Before i begin this update i would like to say that alot of people may say im selling my cars to soon,but im still trying to find my place in the world of cars so i would appreciate the support,thank you!

SO recently i got an offer for my sc300 that i liked so without hesitation i sold it,i got 10000V$,it was sold without my XXR's so i may put them on the new build,my Corrado is also gone because as i stated it was a temporary car until i made up my mind i sold her for 8500V$ my gt86 is undergoing a different swap as we speak the v8 just wont cut it,i changed my body kit and rims and it is should be repainted soon.

Down to business,yesterday i picked up a very mint Evolution 6 it has a 4g63t,stock recaro seats,OZ rims along with other goodies, i picked it up for 18,000V$

Not sure what my plans are for this as yet,we will have to see i might put the XXR's on it!