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#150773   2018-10-28 06:19          
# Nightrunner : Oh my god , you will be at Drift Matsuri ? Well , i guess i have a motivation for finishing my r34 lmao !

Finish yours soon, I will be at matsuri asap!

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# Franklin : Daaaaaaaamn!!!
If u go to Osaka pass by to my workshop 4 some bbq and beers if u want ;)

Sure! I will be planning to get to your place after matsuri if possible.

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# MACKAY : Guys guys guys.. Stop, this boy is already taken by me. :-X

Seriously, I can't wait to do stuff with you guys, GTT is ready for some door to door action and it is going to be even wilder than last year, also I really want to go for a ride with E36'es in a touge, it will be interesting to see how my 2.8 will keep up with yours SR' ! :thumbsup:

And about that BBQ stuff.. Most guys who been in my garage can confirm that we cook next level meat in our workshop haha, but it is been quite a while since we had such thing. So come here faster papi. :(

Maaaaaan :)) same here, we cannot even imagine how each other's car went wilder than last year.
Touge run would be interesting too, mid 300hp-ish ground scraping SR against daily driving 2.8 sounds like some Hot version episode lol
Well then our guys(Soju,Lee and me) will be heading to you next week <3

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# Zero : It's amazing to see unique builds in a world full of the same builds... Keep it up man!

Thanks for such kind words brah.