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Trip To Japan 2018 - Part 1.

Hey everyone, this is Soju and I've been preparing some stuff we need for the trip with 11K and Mr. Lee for the trip to Japan this year. Unfortunately Mr. Lee and I had some issues over car registration and the customs being far too pushy on our sides, because of the cars' appearances and all the modifications we did. But eventually we managed to solve the problem and now I am writing this with my laptop in the random business hotel near Shibuya. Can't wait to visit some places and see some great car scenes!

First of all, I decided to bring the Supra again (For some Wangan Roulette-zoku vibe) for highway explore, while 11K decided to bring his "ride" for drifting. Well, he mentioned earlier that his JZX is appearantly sleeping in our friend's garage with 'extra' care.

We've headed to 24H local wholesale supermarket in the early morning to get some food and supplies while Mr. Lee headed to the Japan earlier to meet 11K's friend for some preparation to our trip. Well basically he is paying most of our expenses to the trip, and we were really lucky!

I didn't think the Supra had that much of a space, but this thing hauls a lot that I expected. We bought some Korean snacks and drinks, as well as small "souvenir" we printed out in the shop, so we could share some stories and the stickers to kill some time.

Like last year, we decided to take a ferry to Japan which costs much less than the plane (well technically it's possible but the price is unbelievable) but takes a little more time. Since 11K was born in Busan, he decided to give some tips to get to Busan harbor. It was really a long trip and the racing seats were cramping our asses, but we just headed to our destination.

Several hours later, we finally arrived at Busan Harbor to leave our cars behind the hands of the customs department (which I really don't like) and headed to our ferry for some nice sleep, so we could save our time and get some energy as possible.

We've arrived at Japan, and we found our car on the docks, waiting for us. Now we can do is just drive it on the streets of Japan and enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately the insurance didn't apply outside the Korean peninsula, so we had to rely on our traveler's insurance which didn't cover any of our cars and we had to rely on JAF, but nothing strange or suspicious would not happen.

It was really late and we quickly headed to our accomodation and the parking lot to park our cars. Luckily the hotel offered some nice places to park, so we didn't have to worry about any of the damage caused by vandalism or some natural disaster.

Well that's basically what happened during the arrival and 11K will tell more about the story in Japan. See you later!

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