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Update! 更新
Few days ago

Welcome back to my boring ass nice thread. On this write-up, I'll be updating both of my cars.

Let's start with the DC5. As you can see, things have been changed like the Type R wing that has been switched up with simple lip spoiler (I kinda dig wingless look, but this is temporary), new exhaust, and new rims colour.

I traded my Fujitsubo RM01A exhaust + V$200 for this SUPER SUPER RARE Kakimoto GT1.0Z titanium exhaust, it looks so damn nice after I installed it :drool2: .

I send my rims awhile back for some powder coating, coated in exact same championship white.

Re-trimed the interior again, this time with custom tailored Mugen cloth in red!


Now, let's move to other machine shall we?

Today I checked my 86 in body shop to see how much progress been made since the last time I updated it.

The body already primered, although some parts still missing like skirts and rear bumper, that's ok since I'm not going 100% finishing the car in the UK (moving to Japan next week aye).

Thanks for checking by, see ya later! :-X .