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So, now you guys finally know what I bought. 1994 Nissan Silvia K's (S14). Now, you might be wondering, if the car's model year is 1994, why is it a Kouki, and not a Zenki?

The previous owner of the guy I bought it from, did a full-on Kouki conversion, albeit missing a few badges here and there, of which the last owner, Koro-san, found and installed to complete the Kouki look.

Now, this has been through quite a number of drift sessions, and everything was fine according to him. But when he did tandems at this one session (around like 2 sessions before his last one), the JZX90 Cresta in front of him slowed down, thanks to Koro-san's 17-year drifting experience, he was able to react promptly, slowing his pace down to match the JZX's. The real problem was the R33 GTS that was behind him, who wasn't able to react in time. Hence, the R33's front tires kicked the front left fender in, as well as hit the front left R34 wheel the S14 had on at the time, causing Koro-san to spin out, with the rear right quarter panel hitting the JZX90's rear left quarter panel. He was really pissed at what happened, but seeing as the R33's owner was just an 18 year old student, he really couldn't get angry at him all that much, more so when the JZX90's owner was Koro-sans friend, who advised him to just let it go.

These are some pictures shown to me by Koro-san, moments before absolute chaos had occured.

Believe or not, he told me that he cried while looking at the car after the accident, his pride and joy, crashed and damaged within a matter of seconds. This is one of the biggest aftermaths of the crash. Rear side of the quarter panel is dented inward. It's gonna take some skills and A LOT of elbow grease to get this back in shape.

The rear bumper is demolished, beyond repair. I'll have to replace it. Looks like the impact also dented the hell out of that muffler. Ouch.

After Koro-san handed me the keys, I started it up, took a bit of hard starting, sounded like a bad battery, a dirty MAF, and a dirty/faulty Cam Angle Sensor. BUT, it sounded much beefier than when I last remembered, back with its previous owner. I proceeded to move it out into the light.

Popped the hood, and what was under confirmed my suspicions. This car is no longer powered by an S13 SR20DET, but rather an R33 RB25DET. I thought it was an RB20DET (hence the mistaken header picture caption), but Koro-san walked me through and explained it all. The SR was apparently on its last breath following a bad tune and a limiter bash at a few of Koro-san's sessions, and eventually, cylinder 3 leaned out, destroying the piston head, bending the connecting rod, bending 2 valves, and cracking a hole on the side of the cylinder wall. Unepic. This RB25DET is relatively stock, apart from a red-painted valve cover (RB20 style), An HKS Air Filter, and some generic FMIC from Super Autobacs. Also sports a full Kakimoto Exhaust too, albeit now with a dented tip.

The interior is pretty much the same as when he bought it, with the exception of a new Bride R-Style Bucket Seat, and a modified Cusco Rollcage. The quality of this cage is pretty good, it might've passed through MACKAY's hands at one point, before being bought and fitted by Koro-san haha.

Standard issue relocated battery, as is the norm on S-Chassis.

Aaaaand then there's this gem, it's the OEM Rear Lip, he managed to salvage it after that rear bumper got absolutely crumpled. Since it (obviously) can't be installed right now, it sits on the rear seats.

For some reason I always seem to get into the sellers'/buyers' good graces after I buy or sell cars from/to them, and Koro-san is no exception. First of all, I cajoled him and sympathized about what happened to it. I then proceeded to tell him all of the JUICY plans I have for it, promising to do it justice, that it will look better than it ever did. This is the start of a humble beginning, I mentioned. With that, he was pleased and said, "Name your offer, I trust that you'll give me a price that will leave both of us winning." I let go of my offer, I said that my original plan for this car was to snag it off of him for 480,000 yen (V$4,800), but, since I like him and I wouldn't want him to lose on his end of the deal, I raised it up to 580,000 yen. With Koro-san's grin slowly transitioning into an infectious smile, we shook hands. He even threw me a special favor, he's including all his sets of wheels for this thing! The R33 stockies are no more, sadly. But he's packaging in a whole set of Gram Lights 57Cs, HINODEX FORTECS Squrossas, and R34 stockies (with one damaged wheel from the collision, of course, or at least that's what I thought, because I asked him about it, he said his friend sourced him one in the exact same color as his set! This guy is pretty much as lucky as me.)

And on that pleasant bombshell, I was off. We shook hands once again, and I drove away slowly, as we waved each other goodbye.

Of course I couldn't carry all 3 sets of wheels inside the S14, so I had to come back in my FC1, but that's not important.

Along the way I started getting a feel for the whole car, suspension seems to be in great shape, I was told this has brand new Nismo bushings on. Now there's some slight rubbing when turning hard right, probably due to the bad fender and its liner hitting the tire.

Eventually I had to stop and see if I could remedy the problem at least temporarily. I removed the fender liner and put it in the trunk. Should be good. After that I simply took more pics, because the battle-machine look sort of grew on me. Reminds of the Need For Speed: Pro Street days, with Ryan Cooper and his RMS13 240SX.

And then I was off, again. About a good 40+kms in I saw my fuel gauge drop down to empty, thankfully I was coming up on this ENEOS nearby. Oh yeah, speedometer isn't wired in since the signals are different, at least, that's what Koro-san said, but I think the cluster is broken, partly broken.

Mandatory gas station pic? Mandatory gas station pic.

Full tank? You bet. After this I realized how surprisingly less fuel thirsty the RB25 was compared to my expectations. It's a VCT Motor, but NEO is still non-existent. It sounds HEAVENLY by the way. Real rough, bassy, and beefy. Low RPM pulls still feel rewarding. Enjoyed the car so much in fact, that I started speeding up, and eventually reached the city of Shibuya in less than an hour's time. At which point I phoned up Niatross and Macaron_moon (LS Swap Muzahid & Bento Box Marc) to come and meet me at WestKyo, because I had a SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR THEM, HUE.

Don't tell anyone, but I "accidentally" yeeted my clutch release and "unintentionally" revved the car up to 5k RPMs, "mistakenly" causing the back end to kick out as I drifted the car through 2 (maybe 3?) streets, not on purpose of course. :lolhitting:

And yeah, I got closer and closer, (totally not driving harder and more aggressively)

Until I arrived at WestKyo, with a missing rear bumper. I wonder where that went? It surely couldn't have had something to do with my driving, I was SUPER careful. HMMMMM. And anyways, the license plates are inside the glove compartment. (I am grateful to God for his guidance, I didn't get pulled over on this trip.) O:-) (Also if y'all see an S14 rear bumper lying on the streets of Shibuya, please throw it away, thanks.)

And there the boiz were. JAWS dropped to the floor. Muzahid dancing and jumping, Marc rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Then I briefed them about it, and we all had a good laugh, after they almost cried from the horrors of this S14's backstory. Which gave Marc the motivation to start building Muzahid's S13 ASAP, and likewise, Muzahid gathered the initiative to complete the 1JZ-GTE swap on his GA70. So I parked the S14 next to their Evos, and called it a day.

Welp, that's it. Thanks for taking the time to read this fairly long RP update. The S15 should be finishing up paint soon, so there's that. And we might be going to Osaka this week as well. Stay tuned, and stay cool VStanced!

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