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Sin City

Ahh.. Where do I began again? There is so much things I need to talk about.. Before getting into details I want to point out that I am currently on a "break" from work and that I won't be working myself till middle of November even though I will still be spending time in garage. Shop is still open and operates as normal, just don't expect Mackay' to do your stuff. Despite such things some exceptions will be made and is coming soon, but more about that later this week.. So yeah, I been taking time for myself, relaxing, working on my own cars and basically catching up with shit because I didn't had proper "vacation" for almost year and half, basically since I started running business full time. Anyways.. I know that most of you are losing your minds over that last picture I posted of GTR, Huracan and F40, but lets talk about few other things first, which one of them is GTT..

Long story short GTT finally saw some action.. If being honest I didn't took this car for a proper "drive" since I finished building it, and those fuck' arounds in my shop area does not count for me. So not long after my last update I went for a street run with it in the mountains and outskirts of Osaka all alone and on my own. And if being straight with you guys.. I realized how much I have been missing out on such things even though I prefer grip activities over drift ones all day every day. GTT performed just as expected, only few tweaks needs to be done to suspension. No license plate, no registration and all that shit, risking losing your car and being deported out the country just like in good old' days.

But things didn't end after that run even though I was starting to think that GTT has fallen into my drift car curse like X30, E46 and S2K did, four door ER34 is out the picture cause I owned that car for less than a month. Little back story for those who don't know about such thing - I built those cars, and they saw very little action or none at all despite all of them being more than 20'grand builds. Anyways, it is not the case with this car. I managed to sort out the wrong things with the car and I fell in love with once again. I am not gonna lie, that livery and rear spoiler was killing me, even though Radcoon did amazing job creating livery for it, I took it off, liveries is jut not for me as I like simple things. You can also see that I put rear overfenders on it, got it from the same guys that I went to test fit the RB' kit, also I made fiberglass copy of my OEM Nismo fenders and put them on GTT, wheels were powder coated in black, windows and lights were blacked out too.. Ahh fuck, I just love the look of it right now, "if it's ain't white, it's black" - saying which sums up my shit perfectly.

Before we move on to the good stuff lets talk about M4.. Currently, the M4' is serving as a daily car for my wife, yeah, you read it right. But yeah, nothing else has changed on it since last time. M4' is perfect as it is for now. I don't drive it as much as I would like to but I am not complaining as I use my E36' as a daily commuter. The only time M4' sees my type of action is on our night outs when I am driving it, showing off if you can say that in busy streets and being spotted by "pseudo" super car spotters works wonders for me while I am in this car, I do it the way we do it in Russia and so far so good. :rolleyes:

Now lets talk about the things you all been waiting for.. Lets get straight to the point. As you can see my GTR has completely changed, it looks like different car now and most of you would not recognize it as Mackay's GTR anymore.. I want my R' to be as low-key and unknown as possible now, because the publicity I received with that livery, my build being published on Speedhunters and things we did at R's meeting made me insane. So now I guess that I joined dark side.. First things you see is obvious, I removed my livery and wrapped the car in gloss black color, tinted all windows, front fenders were replaced by OEM Nismo ones, Mine's carbon fiber mirrors were installed too. But the thing that stands out the most now is new wheels, I replaced my R19 LM's with R19 TE37's SL 9.5J in front and 10.5J in the rear, aggressive fitment as always. But things did not end there as I "downgraded" my RB28'..

I am not lying by saying that I donwgraded it, because I went from HKS GTIII5R turbo to smaller GTIII4R.. But this time to two of them instead of one. So now I am running two top mount GTIII4R's which together can produce up to 1500' Horses. Basically completely new exhaust manifold was TIG welded by me, ECU reprogrammed, intercooler piping was redone too and one more HKS Racing BOV was put on. Because I was aiming for the maximum with this setup I am running on race gas now instead of pump gas, but I can go back anytime for my daily needs, just the numbers won't be as high as on race stuff. If you are wondering about numbers I push now, take a look at the graph, one picture says more than thousand words.

No fancy engine reveal or test, I overhauled the engine by myself once again and no one even knew what I was doing, I did that as low key as possible, my R' is in underground scene right now, or it was, till now I guess, but I don't stress about such things as Wangan settles everything with people who want to take my place there and so far I haven't encountered any threats whatsoever, but who knows who is waiting around the corner, I will be pushing my self on the loop as much as I can and as much as my finances allow me. With new setup I have only reached 330' KM/H because I didn't felt the need to go further, but one thing is obvious, this setup is way more powerful and capable on Wangan. Next on the to do list is sequential gearbox, but I don't feel the need for such upgrade right now as my 6'speed box holds pretty well, also I don't shift that much on Wangan, 5-6'th gear is all I need most of the time. In that time I also met few really cool people, HIGH ROLLERS is the words that describes them best. One is driving a Huracan and other a fuckin F40', yeah F' fucking forty. We gave each other our contacts and stay in touch even to this day, I don't know where such friendship will take me, but I am sure it is gonna be good. Even though my R' is somewhere in 150-200'grand range I feel like I am right where I belong while driving with those guys. I guess I would like to move on to next stage and get something similar myself.. We will see what future brings me.

I know how much you want to see that F40' too, so here it is. Due to many reasons I will keep the owner and all the private information about him out of the picture just for his safety but here it is. As far I know this F40' was crashed badly once, but now it is restored and rebuilt to its former glory, thats why it's black now. It is probably the first time I am admiring true supercar so much, F40' has a special place in my heart. I don't need to talk about it, this car speaks for itself.

Even though a lot of shit has happened in the last couple of weeks there is still a lot more to come as this week I will be doing business related things with guys from Tokyo, also Korean mobsters are coming to Japan too, so I expect a lot of cool shit to go down in every way possible. Ah, I can't wait. I couldn't have chosen a better time to go on vacation. So yeah guys, thats it for now, till later. Peace.