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Oh man.. What can I say? Congratulations on such move, I am more than sure that most companies would be happy to have you as their prospect, and imo you definitely made a right choice going with Tehnica guys, even tho you are Mitsubishi guy I am sure that you won't regret your decision. Eh.. Only if I made right choices back in my "younger" days.. Don't get me wrong as I am not complaining about my current situation, but still. Keep it up and make us proud, you are another Mac' here after all! :rolleyes:

Also Evo is coming along so fucking' nice, good job.

Oh and one more thing by the way.. If you really miss your old' autobahn days that much then you should really come down to Osaka for a visit, I'm gonna give you a ride in my "overhauled" GTR.. :rolleyes:

Bring your boys too, the shop is opened and we can arrange place for ya all. :thumbsup: