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Its been a long time people!
Yeah I know, three weeks has passed and I almost haven't given any signals of life. I had so much shit to do. Lets start with September 28th.


So September is ending and I haven't spammed September enough, I'll have to wait next year for that.

Anyways, I got a high mark (no I ain't doing puns like those two useless apes did) with my cheap and engaging hybrid turbo design inspired by the F1 V6 Hybrid engines as an alternative for sports cars to still be as engaging as full petrol ones without having to carry heavy and big batteries, or going full Prius, or going full Tesla. The thing is that although the battery isn't heavy, the MGU-K on the rear wheels is. I have to refine that.

Oh, and I also get to choose a potential automaker, team or company to be a prospect for them, its cool I guess, but I dont want to go to Finland, Colonge or Germany, nor I don't want to end up working in a tune-up shop.

Toyota Gazoo Racing, Finland: Uhh ok this is the rally section of Gazoo, the one directed by Idol Tommi. I can totally see myself with a bottle of vodka shouting PERKELE at night and working for my childhood hero at the day, but nah I just can't go to Finland.

Toyota Gazoo Racing, Colonge: The endurance section of Gazoo, its cool to be working for the top team of LMP1, but my french is rusty ever since I left high school, and from what I heard France has strict car regulations. Also though I like endurance racing, I've never had any interest on the faster LMP1 2 and 3 groups, I just like GTE more. So nope.

Renault Sport Formula One Team, UK: Wait wasn't this program only limited to a number of people in all continents? That means I'm one of the few that made it in? I mean I'm flattered but I sent the curriculum and made the aptitude exam way back when I was in the Politecnica in Madrid. Does this mean that even if now I'm in Japan I'll be marked as a European prospect? I think this one is a no even if its near London or Leeds, though I have family there, I have my cousin there, the one I almost had sex with. If it wasn't because of her mother telling us we were actually family I would've done something I'd regret my whole life.

Subaru Technica International, Tokyo: Oh dear lord, my nemesis inviting me to join them. To be completely honest I like their programs. Isle of Man, N24h, production cars, and I don't have to leave Tokyo. Maybe I can do something to those dreaded Boxer 4's. Its the closest thing to an Evo that I can work with anyways so this might be high in my list.

Ralliart, UK: Hell no mate, you were my Idol and you let me down. I ain't getting in there unless you plan to do a Lan Evo again.

I still have time to choose, October 5th was it? I just wish that I make the right decision. In the meantime, what mods I can afford and how many days I can spend not eating bento boxes without dying?


I ended up choosing STi. I know I betrayed myself and my uncle but it was the most realistic decision I could make, besides, its way more stable than the other options.

So the phone says I have to wait here until my senior comes to pick me up. I wonder what car he will be driving, a Levorg? Nah, just because he works for Subaru doesn't mean he has to have a Subar-...

Please tell me he's just a guy who got lost.

NO HE WASN'T. Guys this is Hanteo-san, my Senior or Senpai (god I hate to use it on a non-meme situation). He has a Apex Levin, yes, A GODDAMN HACHIROKU. Its weird to see a hachiroku in Tokyo, I mean, its Roulettezoku territory.

-So, you're the newbie, I'm Hanteo, nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, I'm ******** Makoto, sorry if I'm being impolite but, why do seniors have to pic up the newbies on their first day of job?
-Oh, its just a welcome from us, this isn't your first day though.
-Wait, what?
-I mean it is technically, its just that you'll be doing a aptitude test before you start working. I hear you're good on what you do.
-If everyone else says so. Oh and nice Hachi you got, may I ask why yo have so many scratches?
-I haven't repainted it in years. That's why.

-Why have you choosen this option?
*Red light*
-Damn this car sounds incredible.
-I know right? I've owned it ever since I was a teen. When I started working here I was like you, young, handy, handsome, and loved cars a lot. I wanted to work for TRD though.
-Thanks I guess, I wanted to work in Ralliart when I was a kid but now that the Evo is dead, its no use.
-So you like Evos huh?
-Yeah I own a red Lan Evo MR. By the way, Hanteo is your surname right?
-No, its my first name, you westeners call yourselves by your first name right?
-Yes, but I can call you by your surname though.
-Don't worry. Call me Hanteo.

Hanteo-san ended up being a cool guy, turns out he used to be a hashiriya way back then, its so cool. I ended up listening to him about his stories about street racing before and after the exam. I also met more people through the day but Hanteo felt the most important out of the bunch.

Also I couldn't resist myself and I ended up taking a pic of his car. Gotta love that slight baby blue flake tho.


-Yo Makoto
-Makoto? Who are you what have you done to Alex?
-Ha! I know you wouldn't forget me.
-I haven't forgotten about anybody mate. How's things way back in the Autobahn?

-Great, as lively as usual tho. We're still the fastest even though the White Evo isn't among us.
-Ha, how's the Evo going?
-Your Evo? I just overhauled it, It has new looks tho.
-Ohhh what did you d-
-You're going to hate me. I changed the front bumper, rear diffuser and wing to the ones from the FQ400.
-NO, what did you do with my JUN lip and Voltex wing?
-I sold them.
-FFS, at least tell me you kept the Advans.
-Nope, 57Xtreme.
-Bitch. Anyways, where you at right now?
-Bout to hit the french border inbound. I had to check the other Lan Evo chassis.
-Ahh, just make sure its still there, its not my responsability, not anymore.

-I know I know Marc, leave it to me.
-Oh, just a question.
-Go ahead.
-Do you still have my Endless 6 and 4 pot BBK?
-Yes, Its still on your car, I want to get some ceramic Brembo brakes.
-4.3k and I'll take it
-What, wouldn't be easier to buy brand news?
-Those are 6k, oh, and also, do we have more 3.95 final gear ratios?

-The one you designed? Yeah, we still sell them.
-Get me one.
-I can get you one set for fre-
-I'll pay
-Mate its 2.5K. Here's a middle ground. 950.
-Let me guess, 950 because the Tomioka 4.18 costs 950?
-Yeah, deal?
-Mate I have to go. I need to fill up gas on this thing.
-Yeah gotchu, I need to go to work.
-Talk to you later.

Good ole Alex and his german accent, I miss the Autobahn. Anyways, first day of work, should be interesting.

I hope I don't get lost this time, I can't arrive late today. (I haven't)


Ok so here stops the monologues and the dialogues, we can finally talk together, just you and me.

Its 6 pm, I don't have work or school today so I wasted no time on working on the Evo. I ordered a lot of shit for it over the course of these 3 weeks and I couldn't resist myself from waiting more.

Firstly, the brakes. These are my old setup from my old Lan Evo RS. I couldn't care that this set is used as I know they where maintained properly, after all, I and my mate Alex took care of it.

Then the not so visible parts, not from this angle at least. I bought a Momo Montecarlo steering wheel (Stupidly, I forgot to take a pic of it. I left the door open for that matter)

Some new Advan Neovas AD08. Grip without being illegal tyres at its finest. I've used these tyres so much that I wouldn't hesitate putting my life on the line with these on the car.

And a straight pipe setup ending on a HKS Hi Power muffler, 10PS more bois (that would put my car's power up to 315PS)

All in all, the car is still streetable, and probably not as loud as Hanteo-san's AE86.

Lastly, I want to leave you all till I update next week or two with some screenshots of my old 800HP Lan Evo breaching the 320kph barrier in the Autobahn a hundreth time in its life.


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