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# MACKAY : FC1 is looking sooo good man, it really transformed from basic family car to something else! Ahh, the things that amazing wheels and suspension setup do.. :O

Also.. Mhm, I am having mixed feelings about your new purchase man, my mind is racing with thoughts now because I think that I know what it is 99% haha, can't wait to see full reveal of it! :thumbsup:

HMMMM regardless of whether or not you know what it is, it's gonna need some work! Haha. Thanks for the compliments on the FC1 btw!

# Nightrunner : Damn , FC1 looks awesome man !Also OwO what is that

Thanks man! Also NOP CAN'T TELL YOU YET

# Shez : Holy shittt this looks so nice :drool2:

Thank you! :-X

# Lagano : I feel like i've already seen your "new" car somewhere... :rolleyes:


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So Muzahid (Niatross) got himself a new daily! And as per usual, we had to meet up today. (Don't worry you will see the new car I bought tomorrow haha)

Not much to say, so I'll stop stalling and show pics! Check out Niatross' RP for details on his new score, a W140 S500.

Oh yeah, let me just say, I am really happy with the stock power on this Civic, CVT and 1.5L, but torque is GOOD thanks to the VTEC and the turbo working together.

Aaaaand here we are! Oh yeah, Marc (Macaron_moon) was there too haha. His CZ4A Evo X MR looking beautiful as ever, sporting a wingless look and TE37s (Which now have genuine Rays stickers on!)

ABSOLUTE UNIT 沿音遠 :awesome:


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