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#150267   2018-10-13 19:40          
# MACKAY : E36' is looking so good my man! Why did you went for full rollcage instead of rollbar like I did ? But if it works for you then it's all good, damn, I should really step up my thirty six game right now, but it is serving as "daily" now..

Anywaays, can't wait dude, its been almost a year since I last saw you, shop is open to you guys as it was last year. Fun fact - you are the only reason why I keep my GTT, as I don't want to sell it now and get a beater as back up plan just like I did last year.. :rolleyes:

Thanks bro! This was the only roll cage available in this mod so I'd like to say it an obligate choice. haha

Sure my man, its been a long day and we now have uncomparably better skills, hotter rides.... lets get crazy at track!
Cannot wait to shred stuffs at track, see you there bro.