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EK8 Replacement???

I've been setting my eyes on this car for WEEKS! Had a chat with the owner and all was good. I've just been busy with work and my project cars that I haven't had time to take a look at it (maybe I shouldn't buy another car. But nah, fuck it).

But 4 days ago I finally had the chance to take a look at the ride and see it personally.

First thing in the morning? I was already en route to Narita, where the car was stored.

After a pretty long drive (I am grateful for the comfort and driving experience of my FC1. It's really engaging to drive even with the CVT, returns very good km/L values too!), I was at this place, weak signal so couldn't navigate through Google Maps that well (My head unit supports Android Auto).

The OCD in me was LOSING HIS MIND, weaving through these tight spaces in a brand new car with expensive wheels (not to brag) isn't really the best idea.

But hey, the rustic environment made for some pretty interesting shots.

There it was. **** ****** ****** *** ***. All will be revealed when the time is right.

As of this writing I have left and am already close to home. I'll be bringing the FC1 back first. I'll come pick it up next week, maybe even earlier. Would need to either hitch a ride with a friend or get a taxi or something.

Anyway, that's all for now folks!



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