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(I know there's a 6 gear that shouldnt exist as its geared to be the manual 5spd but pls bare with me
So guys, the time has come, some progress with the 4B11T. It runs, it sounds, it may be too over powered as it is but shhhhh, and sounds too fucking agressive even without a turbo whine and flutter. I can ensure you I came in my pants when I heard it for the first time (Thanks RocketBunnyS13 and Niatross)

You*: "But where's the engine tho?"
Patience mate, lemme feel like this is the late 1940's, as if I'm a innovative small automaker owner that is making a shit ton car contracts with anyone to found my project and maybe the US gov is already suspecting I'm trying to pull a fraud. I'm on my groove rn and I want shit done ASAP with the few resources we have.

Ok what I meant with this. Currently I'm working on a scratch made 4B11T model with the little time I have. From zero trying to be a hero.

You*: "What about the car itself?"
Mostly the same as it was back then. For some reason we focused first on the chassis and interior (reason being that, ya know, little details matter)

You*: "Where's the sou- CAN YOU STOP ASKING FOR A SEC. Thanks.
Here ya go

The biggest mistake about the sounds rn? Too damn pornographic without a turbo sound. From the Human Lan Evo itself, they don't sound THAT good.

From now on you'll start seeing more and more engine parts popping up in this very cozy and family friendly (my ass) WIP thread.
Stay tuned, and sincerly.

Your japanese-caucassian single and 21yro boy.

Edit: Our test mule is bouta reach 1k kilometers. I feel like I'm about to celebrate the first weeksary of my newly and prone to fail relationship.