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# Lagano : That's a nice touch on the CRX, you've got quite a few mods on it but somehow it still looks clean and simple! And you're already selling the EG? Oh well, at least you'll be able to focus on the other Civic then ;)

Ay thanks man! Im trying to keep it as clean as possible,i had to sell the EG6 because i planned to buy the Wonder Civic long ago,its my dream car!
Dont worry it will look like EG6 or even better who knows?

# Nightrunner : looking at your crx i kinda regret that i’ve sold mine :c . but hey , i have DC5 and in the future i might buy another dc5 *Wink*

I was sad for days when u sold it,but eh im glad u are having another Honda in your garage!
U should come to Osaka!

# RocketBunnyS13 : Damn, I LOVED that EG6. But well, at least you can go ALL OUT on that EF8, and maybe even mod the S13 even further haha. Good luck!

Thanks man a lot,i will try my best!

Honda specialists

Hello bois!
I went over to the printing shop and had all those baners and stickers printed to make my garage more "Honda themed"
It looks amazing now to be honest,i love the area around me even more lmao!
I hope u like it too,i will soon start to produce some stickers or something with my garage name on it,so when some of u come by u can get them for free!

Another thing,the new owner of the EG6 came by today and looked at it.
We closed the deal on 9.500V$ without the Mugen M7 wheels and Advan slicks.
Said goodbye and got the Civic on the trailer!
I hope u have a good time with it my friend!

Next thing to do is to put a winter set on the CRX so i can use it,i need to work a little bit on the Wonder Civic and get it ready for paint.
Nissan is alright,its hanging around.
Maybe i will take it for drift session around the track soon.
Anyway,thats it,thanks for visiting!

Balance - 3.190V$
Sold the EG6 - 9.500V$
Sold old banners - 100V$
Bought new banners and stickers - 250V$
Bought a winter tyre set and wheels for the CRX - 600V$
Total - 11.740V$
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