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Yo bro ! Sick update as always ! I'm really digging the way Angelina looks ! I love it ! The Millitary Green-ish color really gives the car that "godzilla" look ! I quite like it ! Keep her safe man , she's a beauty !

As for the winter car , ahh man , I dunno haha ! It really depends what you want from it , and in your case , something cheap and cool could work out pretty damn well ! My first choice for a cheap "beater" would definitely have to be a Kouki 180sx or something. You already know me man , I'm a huge Kouki lover so yeah ! You can find pretty cheap ones if you know where to look , but anyway , a rwd cheap and reliable car would definitely be the ideal winter car for you ! Maybe you could even keep it for some time and eventually go all out with it ! You already know I'm willing to help , so if ya need anything , you know who to call ! ;) But yeah , I hope you'll find something decent pretty soon ! Just so you know , you can drop by my place anytime ! I could even teach you some stuff about engine building and stuff of that nature , you never know when that knowledge will come in handy haha ! But yeah , whatever you decide to do , I'll support you ! ( except if you LS swap something , then we're gonna have to talk hehe ) Anyways man , I'll see you around , peace !