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# Niatross : The bimmer looks pretty damn good man!
Maybe get JDM wheels for it?
Lmao thanks !
First thing i need to do is to change the coilovers . The car really looks like a fucking monster truck lmao .

But JDM wheels on European car ? Hmmm

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# Shez : I like your pics, it looks goddamn smooth, great job! :thumbsup:

OwO , thank you so much , i really appreciate it , especially from someone like you boyé

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# snn475san : Ayyy looking good!!

Thank you so much !

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# jdmkvng : Broooo,this thing is amazing

Aye , thanks !

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Angery 宛縁イ

Well , Hello !
Today i´m finally posting update
about my DC5 Type-R Integra .

What´s new ? Well , not THAT much .

First thing as you could see , my DC5 is sitting on the Stock Type-R wheels as my winter wheels . +
i´ve installed a custom carbon aero for the front bumper . It looks so mean !

Behind the wheels are peeking through a
Spoon DC5 BBK that i´ve found in a local UpGarage .
However , as you could see , the calipers are spraypainted black ,
i don´t know why . (New brake pads for spoon coming soon !)

As you guys saw , i´ve bought a few parts for DC5 from Rifky (Shez on the forums)

To be exact , i´ve bought his old
DC5 Type-R OEM bumper since i´ve exchange mine for a Mugen rear bumper ,
as you could see and i´ve bought a mugen taillights from him also ! .

Rifky , i think that our DC5´s are twins now lmaoo

As you could see , the bumper isn´t in championship white .
It should be a pretty easy to get the bumper paint matched tho .
However , it still gives the car a really mean look .

Guess Teggy is now a track weapon than clean daily lmaoo .

Let´s open up the door , shall we ?

OwO , Mugen Door cards ?

Emmmm , yes . I´ve actually got
them for free from my friend Jan as a gift , so thank you my dude !

God damn , the interior is coming together really well !

It compliments the seats tho !

Oh , bonus thing .

A new sticker ! Now i have 3 stickers on my car lmaooo .

That´s it for today guys , i hope you´ve enjoyed my update . If something doesn´t make sense , i´m sorry but i have extreme Fever and my body is literally burning from the heat .

Custom front aero - 100V$
Spoon DC5 BBK - 700V$
Mugen taillights - 300V$
DC5 Type-R rear bumper - 300V$

17 051.3V$ - 100V$ - 700V$ - 300V$ - 300V$ = 15 651,3V$

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