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The Skyline meet - take 2

This is a pretty long story about what happened exactly a month ago. (warning: lots of pics!)

Long story short, i went to another Skyline meet after a long time. (check my first one here!) However this one was way bigger, being in the homeland of Skylines this would be quite obvious. Not only that, it's also a really famous event so there were many teams from all over Japan! It was held at Fuji Speedway, Mackay and Erwin were hyped for it for months so they came up with an idea to set up a booth for their R's, then Radcoon gave a hand with some awesome stickers and merchandise. We also brought some parts from both the VStanced performance shop and Opposite Style, a few new sets of Work wheels really got some attention at the booth!

Of course our GTRs have caught many people's eyes as well. There were so many booths with beautiful Skylines, most of them also had some parts for sale or on display. If you went to every booth you could pretty much build a whole car there! :P

Even i was still amazed by how clean and nice Mackay's R34 is, even if i'd been looking at it the whole time on the way to the event!

Ah, same goes for Erwin's GTS, it looks like a proper beast which it is!!! His GTR next to it, on the other hand, looks so subtle.

Radcoon was making one hell of a business with his stickers and merchandise, i'd say that was a job well done!

I also got one of his caps, those were selling like hot cakes too! Usually i don't even wear them but it looks really cool, probably it'll stay as an accessory for my R32.

After making some deals at the booth we did a few laps on the track with many other Skylines. And of course we went to check out what our fellow Skyline enthusiasts have brought to the meet, and oh boy we were blown away!!!

On this side there were mostly some friends of ours, their R's were rocking new Work wheels that had recently arrived in our shop, for a bit of promotion on the event. It was great to meet up with all of them, i can surely say that being a GTR owner gets you to meet some amazing people!

Some nearby spots were already taken, for example this one with a pretty interesting R35. The Liberty Walk kit looked surprisingly good on it, maybe because it wasn't stupidly low like most of widebody R35's in America.

Next to it was one of Mackay's R34 mates with this incredible M-Spec example.

With a beautiful mix of Top Secret and Nismo body parts it looks really aggressive but still OEM-ish. Color choice is on point too, and it looks well modified performance wise judging from that huge intercooler! This was one of the most impressive GTR's at the event and it's pretty much how i'd imagine a R34 build.

Another thing that i love about it that it's a little widened, that fits perfectly with the Work wheels that we installed in our shop! I really hope that the owner will decide to buy them and keep them on his GTR, i mean just look at it!!

You may have seen this GTT on the forums already, it's owned by Skip's friend Haru. I'm surprised that he manages to keep it so original all this time! Still, a stock GTT can get some attention too, especially with a nice stance and a new set of Works.

Another friend of ours showed up in this aggressive R33, and i'm glad that he chose the Emotion CR 3P's!

I knew that this R35 was one of Mackay's friends too, Mackay and him visited me the last time i was in Tokyo with Skip.

Even if this R32 was probably one of the slower cars it compensated with its looks! I don't know why but there's something special on white cars with gold rims.

And VS-XX's are just one of those rims that can look good on anything.

And here's Radcoon in this beautiful C10, respect to his friend for letting him bring it here! Looking at how modified it is i'm not sure if it's a real GTR but it was still a rare and amazing sight. I was just stunned by what was next to it though, and you will probably be too!

And here it is - the Demon 34. This is the demo car of Tokyo Speed Devils shop, some of you might remember it from a business trip to Japan in March last year. (you can read about it here) The shop owner, Megure Kojima gave each one of us one of their cars for a week, and Phonexius chose this one. He's been Megure's friend for a long time but i still don't know how he convinced to let him try this R34. You may think it's no big deal but this one has 1800HP on the rear wheels!!!

It's almost the same as the last time i'd seen it, it just got some more racecar parts for a good reason. I mean, if it has so much power it better have matching aerodynamics and grip too!

It's funny to think that it has more than twice as much power as the GTR next to it, which is very performance oriented as well!

I really liked the look of this R32, all blacked out with no badges whatsoever. Well i'd at least keep the Nismo stickers on the wheels but it fits with this clean look for sure. It's pretty much a sleeper! I also wondered how it would perform against mine, probably it would be very close! I talked with the owner a bit and found out that it has a huge amount of mods underneath - full racing suspension and around 850hp under the hood!

This R33 caught my eye too, even if it's not a GTR like most of the others it looked impressive, it also had a well built and great sounding RB25. The paintjob really made it pop out too, i think it's a rare OEM R33 color!

Next up was a quite flashy R34 looking like it came straight from the early 2000's. Really aggressive and cool style with the JUN bodykit and some more tuning parts, a perfect match with the Lightning Yellow paintjob.

Now on the opposite side, starting with a R34 racecar! Full rollcage and everything, there were few cars like this, mostly because it's not really convenient to drive a full blown racecar all over Japan haha.

Some of the Skylines were not R's but looked just as good! For example this one, with a Top Secret bodykit and gold paintjob it reminded me of Smokey Nagata's V35.

Only when taking a photo of its rear have i found out that the R34 race car is actually a R32!

One of many R35's at the event but this one was a V Spec and looked a bit more interesting with those wheels, all white and so clean.

Next up was a tastefully customized R34 GTR in the famous Bayside blue paintjob. The classic GTR badge was a nice addition too!

This Kenmeri was one of the most impressive cars to see at the meeting, you don't see many of these even in Japan!

It was also the first time i've ever seen one so i was even more amazed to see it than most of the GTR's, and i've always loved how it looks!

This R32 looked very mean with all the aero parts! It was interesting to look at because of the color too, it looked like Silica Breath from the late R34 models.

Most of the Skylines were highly modified but there were also some 100% original examples like this super clean R34 V-Spec.

And here was another V36, really VIP styled. I don't know how this thing drives though, the wheels look huge!

Next to it was one of my favorite cars from the meet, a Super Clear Red R33 with a Bomex bodykit and Nismo GT1 wheels, an amazing looking combo! It also reminded me of a R33 i had seen on the 2016 christmas meet with Harrison, it had the same color.

And this was one of many R34's but one of the few that looked so mean! I had to take a closer look at it, and when i did i'd seen that this is a proper race car and that it's driven like it's supposed to! Maybe this beast is constantly terrorizing the wangan, well the fact that it didn't have any plates when parked could have something to do with it. :rolleyes:

Many Nismo parts on the inside and outside, full rollcage, stripped interior, big wing, many carbon pieces... this GTR surely means business.

So there you have it - this was absolutely heaven for the JDM fans, or any car fans really. Even on my previous Skyline meet i was so impressed by what i've seen, but here, things were on a whole new level!! I had one hell of a time with my mates and maybe learned a thing or two about Skylines which might be good to know when working on my R32.

And as people say, everything is better with friends, so i'd like to thank: Mackay for even telling me about all this, Erwin for bringing 2 amazing R33s, Radcoon for all the stickers and merchandise, and Skip for bringing another friend with a nice R34 and good company as always! :D

*LINK* Here's also a video so you can really see how the event looked like.

Fast forward to today, i'm currently chilling out in Osaka with Erwin and Mackay. We did some work on our GTR's, i'll try to update about that soon. :)