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# Nightrunner : you can buy dc5 integra Type-S or even Type R , they are pretty cheap tbh
I like teggys , also , one of the cars that i'm looking is a Type-S DC5's (type-r's are over 7k , and i don't want to sell the skyline for buying a DC5 Type-R , At least a 5 speed A80 Supra...)
Also this car will be my daily driver/winter beater , so a type-r is too nice to ruin in the winter lmao , maybe i can find a high mileage one for cheap...
Or , a RX8 with a blown/missing engine for making a engine swap, maybe a ls1 or ls3 , or a 2uz-fe , or something...

(edit : I found two Type-R DC5 for cheap , a crashed one in one auction, and one with "high" mileage for 5k)

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