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A small update...

Hi guys, I was with several problems (irl) that caused problems with the updates, so I gave myself some time ...
Now, back to the RP ...

I was using the Skyline as my Daily driver, and I do not know how I did it because, well, actually I do, but I drove it like a fucking granny lmao, but winter is coming, and I can not use the R32, because I'm scared of use it in good weather conditions, worse in the middle of winter...

So I need a beater or a good daily driver that I can do things to, but still be reliable and I do not give a shit if I hurt it, or if the paint gets scratched, or if I have an accident with the car...

Now I will go to see some cars, but I need some of you to help me a little, if you have some cheap car, like a 180sx, civic, corolla, integra type-s or some similar car, let me know...

Well, for the lack of updates, I'll leave you some old pictures of Angelina <3

(Yeah , that's skyline's name , what's the problem? lol)

When I can already have the new daily driver I will make a video presentation and some beautyshots ...

Well, until then, see you!

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