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Thanks for all the compliments for the Supra! For several days, 11K and I were preparing some stuff lately.

I helped getting the spare parts for the SR20 (of course for the Silvia as well) and fitting those parts without any issues.

I was saving some cash for the trip to Japan with 11K, but i got these nice pair of OEM projection headlights from Japan, costing about V$ 400.

Tbh the price of those OEM parts are getting out of hands these days, but I just gotta deal with it.

He brought one of his E36s and took it for a drive today. Yes, it is SR20 swapped E36 and it was a big pain in the ass building it with 11K and Mr. Lee.

However, it does look really gorgeous, I can assure it is one of the best E36s regarding the aesthetics and the performance.

We headed to the garage to drink and chill with Mr. Lee as well.

I can't wait to see Japan again :)