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# snn475san : Ay,sad to hear about the hondas...
But if you like it,go with it,im supporting!

Well , it was time for upgrade , literally upgrade . From Hondas to BMW lmaoo .
Anyway , thank you so much , i really appreciate it boye !

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# Lagano : Good choice! I wouldn't choose a car this new because you can get more for the same money if it's a few years older. However it's both a great daily driver and a high performance car! You didn't have to sell both Hondas tho :(
I know that . I could get older bmw M6 for 18k . But i´ve needed something smaller , something with a trunk space , RWD and sporty at the same time . So i went with F21 lmao ! Oh well , it was only for good tho . I´m gonna miss both of my cars :crying:

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# Shez : Yooo that looks sick! you got any plans on it?

Hey don't forget that you bought my bumper lol

Honestly i really wanna keep this one stock .

Maybe give her a real M treatment tho .

Lmao i know that OwO . , Don´t worry i still have SOME money lmaoo

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# MACKAY : Uhm.. I have mixed feelings about this as I wanted to get 1'series as daily last year myself, but thanks god I went with 5'series F' model instead. It takes certain kind of person to own this car because personally it's hate and love thing for me, not a fan and not a hater, the design is just not for me. But yeah, the engine is truly a work of art both engineering and performance wise, even though I am more experienced with its predecessor N54 I am sure that we can do all kinds of things for your car, so feel free to hit me up fam. Good purchase, I hope you won't regret it! :thumbsup:

It´s not the best looking car for sure . But it´s not ugly to be honest . It´s actually pretty good looking car but not everyone likes the look of it . Me personally i love how the F21 M135i looks tho . And the engine is truly the heccin beast tho lmao . The car is also really fast for a hatchback lmao ! Even it´s not a real M car , it´s actually more fun than real M BMW´s lmao . However i want to give her a little M treatment tho . Prob tune the N55 to around 390HP , better coilovers , clutch ETC. Also i think that i´m gonna need you in the future lmao . I want a custom exhaust for her ! Anyway , thank you for your comment m8 ! Well , let´s hope so lmaooo . :)) :cheers:

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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Yo that's a sick new 1 Series , dawg ! It's really clean , but ahh , to be honest it's not my taste. But still , the N55 engine is a masterpiece ! Anyway man , take good care of that car , it's really nice and clean !

Aye thanks ! It´s a pocket rocket tho ! Agree , the N55 is a BEAST ! I will tho . Fist i´m gonna make her 100% oem for the winter .

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# RocketBunnyS13 : Look at this boy moving up in the world, congrats on the buy! Those 2 door BMW hatches are pretty fun I've heard. The N55B30 is PLENTY potent too

Yeah , from Nissan boi to Honda boi to BMW man lmaooo . Thank you so much boyé ! They are lmao , i´ve almost shitted my pants when i was ripping her on the backroads lmao . It is . However , 390-400HP is gonna be enough tho .

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# Renaruto : Nice R-Style seats in that Teggy! ;D

Aye , thank you so much m8 !

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Just ride 異ぴジ

So i´m back With M135i for today !
I was driving this car for the whole weekend and man , she´s amazing !
I´ve literally almost shitted my pants while ripping her though some backroads !

Anyway , as you could see , i´ve removed the ugly blue wrap that was on the sidemirrors .
Honestly i don´t know why the previous owner wrapped the amazing looking silver mirrors in blue wrap .
Whyyy????? Anyway , they are silver again !
Also as you could see , i have plates finally ! Ain´t gonna lie , the Japanese plates on German cars looks really good . :-X

Fast forward to today , Winter prep ! ! !

The winter is almost here and it´s time to prep my car for Winter .
That means , change fluids in the car (coolant , oil , etc.) , install clear hood bra ,
install protection on the bottom of the car and ofc , install winter wheels !
(i´ve test fitted the rear wheel first )

First thing to do , change fluids , so let´s do that !
First oil change , then coolant and other stuff !

Damn , the N55 looks really good !

Fluids changed , clear bra installed

Now let´s move on the wheels shall we ?
As you guys saw on previous post , i´ve got this car with winter wheels too!

To be exact , they are the stock M135i wheels and to be honest , i like them more than the BMW 343 wheels tho !

Well now , let´s put her on the Ground and
take her for a little spin shall we ?

What a rocket she is !
I´m surprised how fast it is for a hatchback !

However , i´ve noticed a littlebit of body roll .
That´s needs to be fixed ! Well , time for coilovers already lmao ?

After that i did a little photoshoot with M135i so enjoy ! ! !

Oil change - 45V$
Coolant - 30V$
Clear Hood Bra - 20V$

16 396.3V$ - 45V$ - 30V$ - 20V$ = 16 301.3V§

Paycheck - 750V$

16 301.3V$ + 750V$ = 17 051.3V$

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