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# hamburper :
car pls

It's the Mazda RX-7 Veilside Fortune.
It is the only Veilside RX-7 mod which was created, you can download it at the link below:

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# sieklo : Thanks m8 :D

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# BigSmoke : I know that there are SR20s here and oustide VS, but which one would you guys recommend? Y'know, since there are literally a megaton of them. The current SR20 that I use has no sound.

Bonus points if it has a lot of parts/has the SR20VE block.

Sorry, this R32 as well. It is WIP/VIP?

I am sure this Skyline R32 is a VIP/WIP mod, so that means the mod is unfinished or unstable.

As an alternative, you have also this Skyline R32 with a 240SX and a Skyline R34 front swaps:

Also this one, it's the same mod as above but it is updated:

Or this one:

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