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Whole Gang Mobbin >:) >:) >:)

-✓ Alright , it's time for another update , isn't it ? This week was pretty packed with work , but that didn't stop me from taking care of my own business ! I can safely say that the upcoming weeks are gonna be absolutely crazy , and I mean that in both ways. Crazy things'll happen , and it's gonna be hard to manage everything , but hey , y'all know me , I always find a way ! So yeah , get ready , strap in , and get ready to see some badass shit ! ✓-

-✓ So , let's start with the Kouki. I've talked to Rich this week quite a lot and we've established the direction where this thing's going , and oh man , it's gonna be probably the craziest car I will ever build , but y'know , my builds don't get worse and worse , they get better and better ! I can safely say that the S14 will be completely turned into an absolute monster. I've already placed order on all the parts for the engine build , and they will probably arrive in about a week , or maybe even sooner , who knows ? I've already dropped 22 grand on the engine , so there's that ! I'm gonna take it as far as possible , and I'm keeping it SR , so haha yeah , get ready. There's still so much stuff to do to this Kouki , and I'm 100% willing to build this thing into a monster , no matter how long it'll take , but me and Rich are going all out on it , so yeah , it's gonna be sick , but there's a long road until it's gonna be finished. ✓-

-✓ So , as you can see , I've already started working on the S14. I've pulled out the SR out of the engine bay and now I just gotta tear the whole thing apart , because nothing , and I mean nothing that you see in the pictures above are gonna be the same. As I stated before , this SR has some internal problems and runs like absolute crap , so I decided to tear it down to the block and upgrade absolutely everything. I can't wait to see the power this SR will output , but oh boy , it's gonna be totally insane. Just looking at this thing makes me laugh , I mean , look at that T25 ! I can confirm only one thing though. The turbo you've seen in the teaser above is the turbo off of Mackay's R34. Yes , it's the turbo that powered the 909 HP Rb28 monster that was once in Mack's GTR. Ever since I saw Mackay's engine build for the GTR , I knew I had to get my hands on a HKS GTIII5R Turbo , and now I have that exact one ! Huge thanks to Mack for the deal , the GTIII5R is gonna be put to work and it's gonna power yet another beast ! So yeah , the engine is gonna be crazy , and I can't tell you how much I can't wait to put it together ! I just gotta wait now , ahh , it's gonna be so cool to see all the boxes full of new parts ! I can't wait ! ✓-

-✓ As for the E36 , I've finally got it registered and I can drive it on the roads , and I'm really happy about that ! I can say that this week , the E36 was used as a daily car ( for reasons that you'll find out later in the update ). It's a really great car to drive , I love it ! I never thought I'll own an European car , but god damn , here it is ! It's very nice to drive , but oh man... it could be so much better , and that's my plan for this thing ! I'll slowly upgrade and eventually even turn it into another crazy car , but I'm not completely sure just yet. I still have to make up my mind , and to be honest , I love having a simple and reliable daily car ! It was nice to daily the E36 this week , but things are gonna start happening to it soon , so yeah , getting an E36 was an amazing idea ! I'm really glad I bought it ! ✓-

-✓ Ahh , the 240Z. So , as you can see , the Kilimanjaro White is finally showing on the body of the Z. If y'all can remember , this thing was completely covered in dust and sand , but after a whole day of washing , scrubbing , and polishing I finally managed to "somewhat" restore the paint. Sadly , it'll still have to get repainted , because this isn't the color I'll go for , plus the paint isn't perfect everywhere so yeah , I'm kinda happy I managed to clean it up. Ever since I got it I haven't even touched it , and I'm glad I finally got to "work" on it. I still have to make my mind about the Z paint , because I have so many ideas and plans , but I'll make my mind eventually. Next up on the list would be to completely strip the car down to the chassis and send it to paint , but I've got so much work and stuff to do , so I'll put the blanket over the 240Z once again and forget about it until I have enough time and motivation to work on it. The Z isn't my top priority anyway , so yeah , it's gonna take a while to get it done , but I don't mind that at all ! I'd rather go slow and do an amazing job on the Z than rushing everything and getting it done as fast as possible , so yeah , I just want you to know that it's gonna be perfect in every single way possible. I was also thinking about maybe renting the 1 car garage next to my garage so I can store one more car inside , but I'll see. That place is half of the size of my current garage , so I don't think the rent would be too big. I'll see soon , but one thing is for sure , having 4 cars under my possession is kinda hard. Either way , I think I'll end up renting that other garage too , so yeah , I'll be able to store 4 cars in one place ! It's gonna be really convenient ! ✓-

-✓ This week I also got the chance to hang out and have some fun with my bro Mackay ! His M4 is totally different from everything I've ever owned. It's definitely a special car , and I can't lie to you guys , I love it ! The fifteen52 rims on it look absolutely amazing ! I don't know what's about this car , but ahh , it looks so damn good ! I love everything about it ! As you can see , I've also took some pretty nice sunset pics of it , and I'd say that they came out pretty good ! The dock area is amazing for pics like this ! Either way , when I first saw this thing pull in Mack's shop I was blown away. I never expected something like this , but oh man , Mack always makes great choices on cars ! I love it ! ✓-

-✓ Later that day I got the honor of sitting in the driver's seat of the M4. I was totally blown away by the interior of this thing , and I can say only one thing:
CARBON FIBER EVERYWHERE ! When I first sat down in the M4 I was like a little kid in a candy shop. The quality and luxury of this thing is 11/10 ! This is totally different and totally better than an R35 GTR , that's for sure ! Honestly , right now , I'd take an M4 over an R35 any day. Also , don't even get me started on the seats ! If you know me pretty good , you'll know that I'm crazy after Alcantara leather ! In summary , the interior of the M4 is probably the best and most luxurious interior of a car I've ever been in ! I love absolutely everything about it ! ✓-

-✓ Later that evening Mackay decided to take the M4 for a little night cruise. Oh boy... the 3.0L S55B30 hauls ass ! I love it ! The 425 hp this car has to offer are definitely very rafined ! I never thought I'd like such a new car , even if it's full of technology and stuff , I still love it ! Luxury and power are really well balanced with this car , and for the price tag Mack paid for it , it's definitely worth it ! I don't know if I'd buy something like this , but experiencing such car is a really unique experience ! I loved everything about it ! ✓-

-✓ And now I guess I'll have to reveal the coolest thing that happened this week ! So yeah , I really hope you guys like it , this was planned for quite a while , and because of Mackay , I've pulled the trigger and just did it ! Anyway , here it is... ✓-

The Second Stage of the R33 GTR

-✓ Hahaha yes ! It's black now ! So pretty much what happened was that I was influenced by what Mack did to his R34 and I decided to do the same thing , so we can match eachother ! The R33 got wrapped recently by the one and only master of wraps and stickers Radcoon ! I've went with a completely black wrap and I can't tell you how much I like the GTR now ! And because I've turned the R33 on "night mode" I had to switch up my wheels as well ! So as you can see , I've switched the BBS wheels with these amazing looking Work Emotion M8R wheels ! This decision made me love my R33 even more ! I just love it ! By far my favorite thing about the R33 definitely has to be the wheels. I've always loved the Emotion line of wheels from Work Wheels , and the M8Rs are my favorite rims from that series ! In my opinion , the R33 looks better than ever , and as you know , black cars are bulletproof , right ? Haha , but anyway , the R33 has reached the second stage and I'm more than excited to say that new things are coming for it ! My mindset is still the same , I'm gonna do small and subtle mods to it , but oh man , the GTR is gonna change into something really really cool , just you wait ! ✓-

-✓ So yeah , that'll be all that happened this week ! I can definitely tell you that the upcoming weeks are gonna be even more crazy and filled with awesome stuff ! Right now I have to continue tearing down the SR20 before the new parts arrive , and then after that would be to build the engine with the new parts and to overall continue the Kouki build further ! Ahh man , I can't wait to get the Kouki finished ! It's gonna be so crazy ! As for the 240Z , it's once again covered and put to sleep until I manage to find some more free time to work on it , and the E36 is currently on stand-by mode , because I know what I wanna do to it , but I just don't know if I should get into it right now. But either way , I'll figure everything out soon. I'm also hella hyped on the R33 , which is really really great ! These new changes make me drive the GTR even more and even harder ! But anyway , I hope you guys enjoyed this update , next week is gonna pretty damn busy , but you already know it , another update's gonna come out covering everything that happened , so yeah , stay stoked , great things will happen ! But for now , that'll be all , so yeah , I'll see y'all homies next time , godspeed ! ✓-