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# Nightrunner : thank you so much guys ! This time i’m looking for BMW 3 series E90 / E92 (non M model )
with some aftermarket parts.

Im also looking for N55 or N52/53 fake or real engine mod , thanks

This BMW 3 series E92 mod has a removable M logo, that means you can make a non M version; a 335i chassis and many custom parts are included

And this BMW 3 series E90 mod has stock and custom parts included

I have never heard of a N55 or N52/N53 mod whether it's a real or a fake engine. Instead, you should try the M54B30 engine mod below, it is the predecessor of the N52/N53 engine:

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# Marcuitos15 : Guys!!
Any mirror for this track??

*LINK* (Nurburgring Nordschleife)

Here m8 :)

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