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# jdmkvng : Excellent shots bro

Aye , thanks !

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# snn475san : Beatuful photos,cars look amazing too!
Keep up the Honda love!

Thank you so much !

DC5 integra is my fav car ever made so i´m gonna keep her prob forever OwO .

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# Shez : big NUTTTT


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# RocketBunnyS13 : Pictures are up! It was pretty nice to finally meet you, I see TONS of potential in the DC5, keep 'er going man! And good luck on the Rotiform SLCs! Those are some great shots btw!!

I´ve had so much fun with you guys ! Wow , thank you so much , it means so much to me dude !

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# Niatross : Nice to finally meet man!
We should do it again soon ;)

It was such i nice experience meeting you 2 guys !

Hmm , maybe when i´m gonna be done with my GT86 ? *thinking emoji*

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# Soju : Very nice!

Thank you so much !

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Darkness 旺ゴぎ

Okay , what´s new after my Tokyo trip ? Well , nothing really .
Only the fact that i´ve missed 2 paychecks and i´ve installed new taillights on my DC5 ,OEM+ i guess you could say.

To be exact , they are Mugen Taillights for DC5 Zenki Integra ( pics from the installation very soon OwO )

Well , that´s it for today and be prepared for my really big update on next monday guys !

2 paychecks - 750V$ x2
Mentioned in AJ´s and Muzahid´s RP - 250V$ x2

24 646.3V$ + 750V$x2 + 250V$x2 = 26 646.3V$

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