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#149823   2018-10-01 18:37          
# Nightrunner : Oh boy , good luck on the Civic m8 . That civic has seen better times .

Anyways , your RPS13 looks amazing ! Maybe when my ZN6 will be done in the future , we could go for a little ebisu sesh or even street drifting ? OwO

Ay thanks a lot,it was sitting in the junkyard parted out so yeah...
We could go drifting,im always down for that :)

new parts

My order came in today,its a happy day! lmao.
Vertex x bride seats,vertex steering wheel,roll cage and a strut bar for the front.

Test fitted the stuff,its sitting pretty nice and its going with my gold - purple combination so yeah.

Last i had to do is to remove the bodykit,everything to color match it.
Next thing is alignment,brakes came in too but i dont have time for them now.
I will keep those tyres until i trash them,i dont have so much money to spend right now. :P
About the 86 civic,im going to build it slowly over the winter,just building my dreams to perfection.

Anyways thats it!

Balance - 5.599V$
Seats - 1200V$
Steering wheel - 300V$
Rollcage,strut bar - 750V$
Project Mu brakes - 989V$
Total - 2.360V$

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