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Today i did some job on the 180sx,nothing special tho.
Removed the seats and ordered rollcage and racing seats for the protection.
I also checked the brake pads today,they could stand one more punishment but i wont take any chances with it so i will have to go down to the town to buy a new brake set for it.
Im also loving the new garage,i couldnt tow all cars down here today,EG6 is still at the old garage so i will have to do that tomorrow.
Thinking about selling it,but i dont know if someone actually wants a civic race car,if someone does tho PM me.
And one more special thing happend today.
I got a chance to buy my dream car,the Honda Civic from 1986,also known as 3G or Civic Wonder.
Its in a good shape,but i dont care about the state of the car because i want to build it from the ground up.
This car means a lot to me,even tho its a LHD,but its going to be a track car so i dont care about that.
Im used to drive the LHD so yeah.
Im planning to replicate the JTC era car with ZC 1.6L DOHC engine,stay tuned!
I hope u liked the update,tell me what do u think about the cars i would love some feedback!

Balance - 6.689V$
Weekly income - 750V$
Gas - 60V$
Towing service - 150V$
New seats,rollcage for 180sx - 970V$
Honda Civic Wonder - 600V$
Total - 5.599V$
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