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#149792   2018-09-30 21:49          
# JF1 : Great work once again (to all of you).

Both the phone and other modifications look very good.

And that TE37 is quite nice either way.

As well as those physics looking quite good.


# skip : I have some mental block against modelling wheels. I can do bodykit and other shit easy but wheels never work for me lol.
good stuff

I don't think I'd be able to do some bodykits lolol, quite the opposite we are. And thanks btw!

# Marìo Alonzo Garcia Duque De Los Perros Lindos : Anything over 1.5k would honestly be a waste, for a decorative phone. I think a good looking phone could be made with... 96 betwen polygons and triangles?

Imma just model one real quick and tell you more lol

Added 4 minutes later:

Yeah, just add it a 3d camera if you wanna go full in-detail and you add about other 28 polys, for a total of 124

Added 4 minutes later:

The rims looks really good btw, what's the polycount on them?

Damn that's awesome, thanks for the advice! I have to work on it more. Will probably redo from scratch since the phone has 6,419 polys, idk I'm dumb and still learning, and the textures will most likely hide the imperfections anyway so correct, no use for a lot of polys.

The OG TE37 Concave ones have 12,424 polies

And the Flat Face TE37s have a STAGGERING 23,099 polys!! Sorry to disappoint y'all :(

s t a y c l a s s y