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# jdmkvng : Dc5 looks great rolling

Eye thank you !

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# snn475san : Looking great i luv it!

Thank you so much ! Hopefully she is gonna be as powerful as she looks lmao

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 Car Porn ? ? ? ザュ履クザギ

Well Hello there ! As you saw yesterday , i was on my way to Tokyo to meet 2 guys from the forums .....
To be exact, yesterday i´ve met Muzahid (Niatross) and AJ )RocketBunnyS13

To be honest , i´m such a fanboi of AJ´s CRX , called C-Rex and seeing that car for the first time , it was just pure porn !

C-rex irl is even better than on photos !

I was actually speechless when
i saw C-Rex for the first time .

The attention to the details is insane , just look at her how clean she looks !

Oh , you may ask why am i here ? Well , i´ve actually bought the rotiform wheels
from AJ´s friend and i came to Tokyo to pick them up actually ! On what car am i gonna put those wheels on ? Well , you´ll see OwO.
This also the first time meeting AJ in person and man , he is such a nice dude !

Here are some pics from Yesterday if you are intrested in seeing them OwO .

Warning Photobomb

Later that day , our friend Muzahid (Niatross) showed up and we went for a little wangan run .However my Camera died . :crying:
If you want to see that and maybe a littlebit more , keep your eyes on AJ´s Roleplay!

Anyway , thanks to Muzahid ( Niatross ) and AJ ( RocketBunnyS13 ) for having me and thanks to AJ´s friend for new wheels ! i´ve had the greatest time in my life with you guys ! I actually might move to Tokyo soon , who knows :confused2:

Rotiform SLCs, 15x9J ET36 - 1 900V$
26 546.3V$ - 1 900V$ = 24 646.3V$

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