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#149767   2018-09-29 23:42          
# Nightrunner : Amazing pics and ofc amazing looking cars m8 !

Thanks a lot man! <3

# MACKAY : Damn, your CRX'es makes me want something "hatchback" too, but wrong one.. Even tho I am not sure about that, but I might be joining your Kanjo vibes squad with something european someday. I really like your CRX, but EG6 is still the special one for me. ♥

Ayy thanks a lot,u should join the squad mate,thanks for the love! <3


Got a late call 30mins ago,guy called me he said he owns a bigger company that works on the cars and stuff.
He said he got a small garage in the Osaka area,and he would need a bigger place.
So yeah,i handed him mine bigger garage for this smaller one.
But heres a catch,i dont need to pay the rent anymore,i now got "my own" garage.
I didnt even like that place,i like smaller garages,that one was big for me.
I went to see it tonight and its looking closest to my "dream garage".
Anyways,didnt do anything today on the cars,slept most of the day lmao.
Tommorow i will have to tow the cars to the new garage and clean it a little bit,maybe even change these banners who knows.
Stay tuned to see the progress on the 180sx!

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