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#149688   2018-09-28 15:18          
# Nightrunner : Wow , another level of hotboi owo

Thanks man!

# Shez : Works9 bumpers and VSKFs gives it such a unique look, I really dig it! :thumbsup:

Looks good but im kinda eeeh,idk if im gonna stick with the Works9 bodykit.
But thanks!

using the nice weather

Took a break today,well kinda.
I was drinking coffee in the town,my phone started ringing.
I picked up,the guy that i work with said he collected a few sets of tyres in the size that fits my wheels on the 180sx.
Went to see the tyres,not new,not old,but good enough to use for drifting,he said they planned to get rid of them.
I had to go three times to the junkyard - garage to bring them,CRX is a small car lmao.
Stacked them up in the garage and crashed on the chair upstairs to watch some old bestmotoring videos.
So yeah,kinda a chill day today,they said tomorrow is raining and i wanted to use the day in the fullest.
Tomorrow i have to put the old type x skirts and rear bumper on the 180sx,because i changed my mind on the bodykit.
Im planning to go to the ebisu and trash it sideways for a couple of days.
Started up the EG6 race car,works great,nothing broke down yet lol.
Anyways,thats it!

Balance - 7.094V$
Tyres - 350V$
Gas - 50V$
Coffee - 5V$
Total - 6.689V$
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