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The Ends

-✘ Well.. Almost two months of absence again. Actually I don't even know where to start because there been so many things in those days. Some things got sold, some things got bought and a whole lot of things have been started, but I will explain everything down below. First things first I need to talk about is my GTR.. And before I start I really want to say big thank you to everyone who supported and voted for me at ROTM August, we took the trophy home this time! I know that the first thing that you notice in the livery.. It is something special with a meaning and story behind it, only a couple of people know the story behind it, but I am sure that you all can enjoy it too! It was done by me and my wife, but mostly her, basically I wanted to make it as unique as possible, the result is so simple and subtle but so beautiful. So anyways, lets talk about other things. I always said that I won't be caging my GTR, and I "didn't" ! Instead I fabricated custom, one of a kind bolt in / weld in roll bar for it, I have template, and one more same cage right now, so if anyone wants MACKAY's R34 Cage V1 hit me up and we will make a deal. Also GTR received Ikeya Formula "treatment" as quite a few suspension parts were installed as OEM ones were no match for current setup, OEM bushings were replaced by poly ones, and OEM swaybars were replaced by NISMO ones. I got Ikeya Formula Rear Upper Arms / Rear Lower Arms and Ikeya Formula Lower Front Arms and Front Upper Links. Also lets not forget other things I fabricated such as Under Brace and Strut bar. ✘-

-✘ And here is how GTR looks today, to your surprise nothing has been changed since ROTM entry, only two sets of R888's tyres, as somehow it got "worn out" :rolleyes: I am enjoying it as it is now, maybe new set of wheels or completely new color or wrap will be done in future, I have few more ideas but I am not sure about turning them to reality. I don't know, we will see. And to whoever who thought that I am selling it, sorry it is not happening anytime soon. Soo anyways.. Also lets not forget the fact that this car has been published on ! You can read all about it here - "Street car gone to extreme" ✘-

-✘ Another thing that needs to be shown to you guys is my GTT build. I will try to keep it as short as possible and let the pictures do the talking itself. So long story short the car got "boosted" to 500' crank horsepower but I will talk about the specs and parts that went into it sometime later in the future, MACKAY"s treatment as usual, so everything was done by me "overnight" again. The second thing is that the car received completely new look. Radcoon or as I can say Sticky Rice Cake sticker shop did its magic on my GTT, a hotboi drift livery. And yeah, you see that logo on side correctly, am I representing a team? Nah, I have my own. More about that a little bit later. Also lets not forget red under glow or "neons" as cool kids call it for more style points. It is so different from my other builds, everything I did were so simple and clean but with this thing I went completely to the next level I guess. 11K' where you at for some tandems ? Anyways, I am sure that you guys will see more of this car in the future, either in drift events or "underground" scene being driven by "someone" else. Inb4 this becomes second most wanted R34' in Japan. ✘-

-✘ I am more than sure that most of you already seen our teams website, introduction and Narita Dog Fight coverages of our team, our car and so on. So yeah.. Remember when I took that L' with 180SX cause I was alone? You better do because now there is three of us being backed by my whole garage crew and so on, so I can say with confidence that this time I am on the road to W'. I am not going to mix personal stuff with team things, so you can read about everything here. - Icon Motorsports ✘-

-✘ If you are wondering about R33 GTR that I had and promised to keep as a daily driver, then sorry but I am going to (not) disappoint you. The R33 is alredy gone, and I don't even know how much time did I enjoyed it, a week or two tops? Right when I got it everything turned around in my head and a big change of plans came into my mind, also few calls from Russian guys had it's consequences. So not long after that R33 got sold to Erwin for the same price that I bought it.. So didn't lost or gained money with such deal, I just got rid of the car I didn't really needed or wanted because I had other ideas in mind, but now I can say that I owned all "true" GTR's. Also I got rid of that Family Spec F11 and got a replacement.. Yeah, I bought almost brand new 2017 BMW M4.. And the fun fact is that it is currently being used as a daily driver by my wife even tho I got this car with intention of turning it into daily / track car when I will be travelling around Japan for events and so on. Driving such car feels like a dream, it handles well, it is powerful, it is agile and on top of that it has mean sounding twin turbo inline six matched to 7 speed modern DCT, basically you name it this car have it. Basically it has everything you need, the best package you could get in my opinion, even just by taking the glimpse at interior you can understand how good and special that car is. Don't ask me why I did not got and R35 GTR or something of that kind, I just didn't want it, I drove Erwin's one, quite a few before, and there is nothing special to it for me, it does not have same character as this M4, and this M4 is basically all I need. I won't be saying that I will keep this car, time will show, but one thing for sure, I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. ✘-

-✘ Things did not end with M4.. I got another BMW, and this one brings me back to my true roots and my very first car that I owned.. Once you fall for this car you can't get enough, I felt for it more than 10 years ago, and I am all about the thirty sixes' if being honest, somethings never change you know.. It is not an M3 as you are probably expecting, it is 1996 328i with M-Package, also it has probably my all time favorite color which is Techno Violet.. I had an opportunity to buy similar spec E36 when I was 18, but I wasted it, so when I saw an offer for this now I just needed to get it. While talking about M4 I said that I want to turn it into daily / track car, right? But now this plan will be happening with this E36.. I really want to get back into all that "underground" scene which happens very late at night in the mountains or outskirts of Japan cities, get back and get myself reminded of my true roots and the times I had when I was younger, but this time is going to be 100x better because of deep pockets and knowledge that I have, times changed. I already thrown the wheels that it came to scrap yard and put those HRE's that I won in ROTM on it, it fits the look really good as it kinda looks like BBS RC's or something of that kind. And before you ask, no the car did not came with Roll Bar or diffuser, it was the first thing that I did when I got it, two or three days of "working" night shift easily on my own and I fabricated what I wanted. I won't sell or get rid of this car anytime soon, it will be mine as long as I can drive or until I crash it and it becomes unrepairable, just because thirty sixes' has such a sentimental meaning for me.. And this one will get better and better trough my ownership, ain't no stance build, ain't no show car build, just a car which will be used as supposed, to my liking, it is our story now..✘-

-✘ First "touge" run with this car.. The feelings that I got driving it that night on the touge is just incomparable, I can't compare it to M4, or even my GTR, my true thirty sixer' spirit is still in me and this is what I needed all this time, no matter how much I love my GTR or Nissans after all, BMW's takes the special place in my heart.. I already stopped getting goosebumps in my GTR while driving on the wangan, but driving this on the touge is completely another thing for me, maybe because all those memories that I had in E36'es means a lot me.. Ah. ✘-

-✘ Also one more thing about M4.. Basically this is the most recent thing that I did to it or to any of my cars in general. The M4 now sits on R19 Fifteen52 Integrale Classic wheels dressed once again in Triple 8's. I don't know about you guys but I love the look of those wheels on M4, if it looks wrong for you or something, then I am happy about that, because I been upsetting people for as long as I can remember. I do my cars to my liking and it is all that matters. I am already generating ideas and thinking about possible things that I will be doing to it, so we will see.. A lot of potential in this car, even tho I might be getting one more car to accompany this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ✘-

-✘ Anyways, a lot of other things are happening on the side.. Due to various reasons I am thinking about possibility of moving to Russia, Moscow if being more specific, but having so much responsibilities and things here in Japan is kinda holding me back, so I can't do anything, not now.. But I will figure everything out eventually. Working so much both in the shop and for myself turned me into something else, and I don't even want to talk about all the other issues I am having these days, no, things did not get better since last time, but I am still pushing it as hard as I can. I also need to talk about other things such as R's meeting we went to with the crew, but I am not sure if I am up to such task, all I could get myself to do is to give insights on what is happening with my builds and personal stuff.. But I am sure that info, pictures from event or something else will be posted soon, either by me or other guys.. Shout out to Erwin even if he is being acting very strange all month, Lagano and Crazy' for awesome things we did, Radcoon for taking most of our team things under his wing, and lets not forget the Tokyo boys - Niatross, AJ and Macaron, I will catch you next time, when odds will be in my favor haha! And to everyone else who I didn't mentioned. So yeah, thats kinda it for now, I don't know when I will update next but I am trying to combine work, personal life, team and shop things as much as I can so.. Anyways, MACKAY off guys.. Peace. ✘-