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What 屋ぎ印

Hi Guys!
Few days passed by and i´m back with another update
on my wannabe cool cars !

So , what´s new ?
To be honest nothing really , Well i´m actually lying to you guys .

As you saw , 2 weeks ago i´ve posted my S14 for sale . 2 weeks went by and one crazy dude from USA
wanted the car so bad that he gave
me pretty mindblowing offer .
10 000V$ for stock S14 with navan kit on AVS6 ! So , here we are ...
S14 in the container ready to get shipped to USA and 10 000V$ in my bank acc .

When i was on my way home from the docks , my uncle called me .
(OFC i´ve parked my car on the side of the road) He told me that he found something that i might really like ...
so let´s see , i´m gonna meet him later today !

*Few Hours later*

Ugh , what could it be ?
Hmm .... Oh wow , ZN6? what is it BRZ / GT86 / FRS?
It must be FRS because it´s FRS right ?

Ding dong , i was wrong . It´s actually Toyota GT86 imported from Europe , to be exact
from Russia ( Let´s hope that it´s not stolen by mafia lmao )

To be exact it´s 2013 Toyota GT86 , as well known as Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS too. BUT ...Let´s make it easier and call her ZN6 shall we ?
It´s basically rolling shell without engine and front end , well , to be exact without headlights and front bumper AFAIK

Apparently the car was crashed and the owner started with the repairs .
However , he was out of money and the car was parked on his driveway for few months .

Except the fact that the car don´t have engine and some front end parts , the interior is pretty nice .
It even have aftermarket steering wheel !

In the back i don´t see any damage . But one thing that i saw was some
aftermarket taillights . I actually like them and tbh i think that the stock ones are ugly anyway but shsss.

And, did i´ve bought this car ? Ughm , Duuuuuhhhhh . Can you guys guess for how much ? No ? ! Ugh , okay ... For a fucking dirt cheap 7 000V$ !
I think that it´s gonna be a really fun project !

Oh and also i´ve forgot on something . Tomorrom i´m gonna go on a really secret trip to Tokyo
to see some of my friend that you may or may not know from the forums OwO .

1994 Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki - 10 000V$
21 477.81V$ + 10 000V$ = 31 477.81V$

2013 Toyota GT86 - 7 000V$

31 477.81V$ - 7 000V$ = 29 477.81V$