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dorifto boi is getting in shape

Worked on the 180sx in these two days,it was pain in the ass but we got it running and looking somewhat good.
First i checked the engine parts,everything seemed fine.
I changed oil,gaskets and filters so i can be sure.
Also i delivered the bodykit and the wheels i found on the internet for cheap.
Bodykit is somewhat in a good shape,no cracks just minor paint damage and stratches.
But wheels...
Those kf's saw some better days thats for sure,they stood in the open for over two years,lost the shine and look awful.
We test fitted the stuff i bought and hooooly,i love how the car is progressing!
We mounted the engine back in,mounted the front bumper and fenders.
Skirts and rear bumper are at my garage,need to take a lot of care on them.
So yeah,just got car in the shape so i can drive it back to my garage and continue working on it.
I need to buy new brakes and tyres thats for sure,exhaust pipe,and some interior stuff.
But thats for the next week,for now i have to mount the other parts of the bodykit and get them colormatched.
The front left wheel as u see on the pictures is polished with new center cap,we just tested if we can bring those wheels back to life.
I went for a ride around the neighbourhood,almost got myself a fine lool.
Car was so loud without the exhaust god damn!
But anyway im typing this from the local cafe drinking with the friend from the shop,i have to pay him for his troubles and head home.
So cya on the next update!
Some photos of the project:

Balance - 8.224V$
Forgot the weekly income - 750V$
Bodykit with fenders - 1000V$
Wheels - 400V$
Polishing products and technology - 200V$
New oil,filters,gaskets - 250V$
Gas - 30V$
Total - 7.094$
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