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First of all,i had an amazing time with Niatross and AJ yesterday,such cool guys!
Today i towed the 180sx to the friends shop go get that shit painted,i helped him to strip the bodykit and to cut the rear fenders.
I was there for some time and went home,he will strip the interior and paint the whole car.
Later i have to head out of the town to pick up the used bodykit and wheels for the 180sx so yeah,i will update things on it tonight.
Anyway,small update,thats it,cya!
I will include one of the AJ's photos.

Balance - 9.194V$
Gas - 20V$
Friends services and paint - 950V$
Total - 8.224V$

Added later this night:

Guy who works in the paint shop sent me the pictures of the painted car,he stripped the interior and pulled the engine out,he said i can come tomorrow to check out the engine and work on it if i want.So yeah,im going tomorrow to see if the engine is completely in working condition and maybe upgrade some things who knows.

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