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its ya boi!

Well hello there guys,heres what happend over these two days!

First i done some work on the 180sx,bashed the rear fender so the tyre doesnt touch it anymore.
I had to fix that,bumper,garnish and the spoiler also!
Its not looking perfect now,but its functional at least eh!

You see how the fender is kinda detached from everthing in the rear?

U see that big ass hole between the parts?

Well hammer in my hands,and i got to the work!
30mins of hammering that shit in and this is what came out:

Tail light just popped out lol,i had a laugh at that!
So i had to put it back and check out the lines between the parts now!

Next thing to do is to bash out the whole fender to its previous state if i can!
I will also need to get some matching wheels for this bitch!
Anyway thats it about the Type X,lets move on on the main horse!


Mostly cosmetics done on the rex,i removed the wheels one by one to make the tyre stencils!

Its looking pretty sexy if u ask me!!


And one more thing before the last pictures loool,i didnt do the alignment on the car yet!
Drives kinda funny for now,but its bearable,i need to get it aligned ASAP!

Next thing,i got to the car wash and washed the car before i go to the meeting with some friends from the forums!
Also the car sounds amazing with this new exhaust,pretty different from the raspy straight pipe i was used to lol!

And ofcourse that rolling shot!
On my way to meet the bois!

((im meeting Niatross and AJ (rocketbunnys13),so check out the next update on the Niatross's RP!))

Balance - 9.244V$
Custom made stencils for the tyres - 20V$
Gas - 30V$
Total - 9.194V$

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