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Update! 更新

Whaddup! it's been a month since the last update, been lazy to do some write ups (+ irl school assignment) ahaha.
Anyway, here's my brand new Recaro Pole Position I bought from ebay, and yes its red :))

Of course it's legit, you think I bought some rep stuff smh X-( (jkjk i aint mad)

Installing both seats doesn't take too much time, I just need to unscrew the old ones and put the new one.

Voila! it's on the car :))

New Project?

After I installed my seats, my phone ring

-Hey, sup?
-Yo, I found something that might interest you
-Cool, send me the address and I'll be there right away

The sky's kinda dark, but it's not a problem since the place wasn't too far away from my place.

Introducing, Project Dawet

At first, I thought he's (my friend) asking for a help or showing off something...
but instead, he's showing me this.

An abandoned 1985 Toyota Corolla Levin GT-Apex, rare to see this kind of thing on UK.
A bit story about the car. The car was owned by a man who also owns 2 86s and this is his 3rd, he used as a spare car instead something happens on the other two. Unfortunately, the car was stolen and vandalized. Since he losing interest on the car, he decided to put it away to collect anything that falls from sky.

Since me and my friend can't trace the previous owner, I decided to keep the car (my friend didn't want the car) haha :))

Project dawet, begins.

Thanks for checking by, see you next time ;)

Added 4 minutes later:

PS : old seats for sale

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