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# snn475san : ooof beautiful!

OOOO She´s blushing now OwO

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# Sleepin mOnkey : sick ride man
Aye , thanks !

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# Panzer : Hi , what is this map ? :) thanks

(Which one ? ? ?)

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# Franklin : Nice teggyyyyyyyyy!!! I love it!

Thanks ! She´s gonna be even better owo !

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# jdmkvng : Them some nice shots bro!

Thank you so much boye !

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# MACKAY : Someone turned into Honda boy with all those cars, but I guess it suits your style, it was sad to see the EK go as I liked it a lot, reminded me of the one I used to rip around back when me and my mate came here to Japan, good times. Also Integra is coming along nicely too! :thumbsup:

I think i´m Honda addicted now lmaoo . I went from stanced drift cars to functional drift cars to Hondas and Kanjo lmao . Well , she was really beautiful but i think it was time to move on another project , Teggy . Oooooof really ? Nice . Aye , thanks for the compliments on Teggy , i really appreciate it ! ;)

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Mugen 3..2..1.. GO !!! り内佳パ

Hello guys , i´m back with a
little update on Teggy !!!

Few days ago i was looking on some DC5 aftermarket parts on the internet .
After few hours of searching i´ve found set of
Genuine OEM Honda Integra DC5 Mugen sideskirts in Championship white located in
Tokyo And i´ve immidiately ordered them with overnight shipping !

Also , today i finally registered my DC5 ! OH MY GOD , i´ve waited 2 hours in the line ... NEVER again .
But , that means that i finally have plates on the car so yeet !

The installation of the sideskirts was really easy and took me less than hour .

Here are some pics

Before :


After :

They look much more aggressive in my opinion and i really like them !

Genuine OEM Honda Integra DC5 Mugen sideskirts - 700V$
Plates - 80V$

22 257.81V$ - 700V$ - 80V$ = 21 477.81V$

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